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Small Cabin Forum / Properties / Building permit exception for reconstructing 100 yr old cabin?
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# Posted: 16 Oct 2020 16:10

Anyone heard of areas in the Appalachians where jurisdictions allow for old log homes to be rebuilt as they originally were, without plumbing or electricity? Perhaps on land where an old cabin once stood a new cabin could be reconstructed maybe even reusing an old stone chimney that still stands today? This would be a historic cabin, not something newly manufactured. Log structures are commonly moved. Thx!

# Posted: 16 Oct 2020 17:53

No idea, but I have friends in WV who live in disassembled, transported and then re-assembled log homes, with some old things like a wood burning kitchen stove (used in winter sometimes as they also have a modern propane range) and all the old logs, as well as new things like solar and heat pumps and modern windows. Sort of the best of both worlds.

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