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# Posted: 20 Jun 2017 09:21

Could anyone recommend a water reserve tank that I could use with my pressure tank?

I have a well that sometimes pumps a little slow. My idea is to slowly pump 50 to 85 gallons of water to a tank at the cabin next to my pressure tank, so I will have plenty of water to use on reserve not sure if this will work, but I could use some ideas on how to make it work.

My system as of now is well pump to large pressure tank, pre filter, post filter, water softener and then to the tankless water heater. Where would I add a reserve tank if possible?

Thank you for all your time and knowledge, very helpful sight!

# Posted: 20 Jun 2017 17:05

You could put another large pressure tank after your existing tank. It would also have to have an air cushion. Really not sure how you would keep the cushion recharged . If you could isolate the second tank, with valves and leave it pressurized while isolated, then you could use it when required. Not really sure this is what you are looking for. old243

# Posted: 20 Jun 2017 17:29

Quoting: Ejm
sometimes pumps a little slow

How about fixing the "sometimes pumps a little slow" problem.

# Posted: 21 Jun 2017 06:22

Here is a video on a low producing well. For 50 gallons prob not worth it if that is your problem but an interesting video from engineer775.

# Posted: 21 Jun 2017 15:03

I have a 100 gallon water tank that is my main water supply which is filled by my submersible pump. I then have a 12v pump drawing water from the tank to provide water pressure to my cabin. I don't see why that setup wouldn't work for what you're describing, you would just have to install your pressure tank after the 12v pump I would think.

# Posted: 12 Jul 2018 06:50

In my personal opinion, I would just add a larger storage tank to the system, if the pump volume cannot be increased. Then, let the pump run while you are sleeping. During the day, you would have enough storage to shower, wash, prepare meals, etc.

Not to take anything away from this forum. But, the guys at Pumps and Tanks forum are really switched on, regarding these particular questions:

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