Small Cabin Picture

Building a Small Cabin

Building of the Small Cabin Picture The following pages provide more detailed information on how to build a small cabin:
  • Building Materials
    Typical construction materials used in small cabin construction:
    • Spruce Lumber - common sizes, etc.
    • Pressure Treated Wood - uses, benefits
    • Concrete Dek-Block - easy to use and inexpensive
    • Roofing Shingles - an efficient roofing choice
    • Posts - where to get, how to prepare and set
    • Paint - what kind to use in your small cabin
    • Nails - types, sizes, galvanized
  • Tools
    • Tools reference list
    • Power tools, considerations for powering them
  • Design Options
    • Selecting structure type - choosing between pre-fabricated building kits, log cabins, wooden frame and other options
    • Cabin window and soor layout design
  • Foundation
    Selecting type of small cabin foundation - guidelines, suggestions and points of consideration.
  • Floor
    • Small cabin floor building materials - pressure treated wood, fasteners and brackets
    • Floor frame construction
    • Laying floor sheets
  • Cabin Frame
    • Steps in constructing your small cabin frame
    • Reinforcing Headers
    • Tips
    • Moisture Protection
    • Roof frame construction
    • Installing wall side panels
    • Painting
  • Doors & Windows
    Finding doors and windows, installing and weather protecting.
  • Electrical
    • Selecting wire type, outlets, switches and light fixtures
    • Installing electrical wiring inside the small cabin
    • Long-term thinking and planning for future power options
  • Interior Finishing
    • Do you need to install thermal insulation in your Small Cabin?
    • Adding moisture protection
    • Installing decorative interior panels
    • Floor covering options
    • Shelving and storage cabinets
    • Interior painting (optional?)
  • Cabin Cost/BoM
    How much does it cost to build a small cabin? See my estimates and calculations.
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