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Enjoying Outdoor Living At Your Small Cabin

Small Cabin Outdoor Living Campfire Image We always look forward to spending some time outdoors at our small getaway cabin.

Small Cabin Living - Fishing Image It is a nice place to go for a weekend or vacation to enjoy nature.
It's also a good place to pursue various hobbies, like photography, fishing, bird watching, reading books, or playing your favorite games.

Activities Around Your Small Cabin

So what can you do there?
  • Sit around a fire, experiencing nature, while enjoying your favorite beverage
  • Go hiking and exploring in the surrounding area
  • Fo fishing and hunting (don't forget your license and gear)
  • Go canoeing
  • Explore local towns, villages, parks, and green conservation areas
  • Work on other construction projects around your small cabin
  • Spend time gardening (keeps wife busy ;-) )
Rainy Days: Small Cabin Living - Rainy Days Options Image
  • Read books
  • Watch TV (if your area has coverage)
  • Listen to the radio (consider buying an all-wave radio)
  • Play card games
  • Think about life, plan for the future
Check our forum and read what others are doing at their cabin.

Things to Have on Hand

  • Set of dishware
  • Flashlight (a must)
  • Extra batteries
  • 12V fan (frugal substitute for an air conditioner)
  • Small Cabin Living - Knife Pouch Image I usually carry a small pouch with a pocket knife, flashlight, and pepper spray on my belt - just in case
  • First aid kit

Stuff to Know

  • Where the nearest hospital is
  • Where the nearest hardware or building supply store is, as well as hours of operation.
  • Cell phone area access

Small Cabin Cooking

I use an old propane BBQ with side burner for cooking. (Do not run the BBQ inside the cabin!)
During winter months, I cook on the woodstove while heating the cabin.
Hide food from bears, raccoons, and squirrels, etc.

Care of Environment

Try to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.
For example, use biodegradable soap products.

Our Photo Gallery

Small Cabin Outdoor Living Image We have taken many beautiful pictures during our stay here.
To view them, visit our Small Cabin Photo Gallery

Please share your outdoor living experiences!

Your suggestions and comments are welcome.
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