Small Cabin Picture

Small Cabin Site Planning

Small Cabin Property Gate Image If your cabin building site is already cleared and has an existing driveway, you have just saved a lot of time and energy. For others, including me - the cabin building site has to be planned and prepared first.

First thing to do is to develop your small cabin site plan:

  • Where will the entrance to your site be?
  • Where will your small cabin be built?
  • Where will auxiliary structures be built? (See separate section on other structures.)

Here is what my cabin site plan looks like:

Small Cabin Building Site Plan Image

The site plan will allow you to clearly see the exact area that needs to be cleared before building your cabin. It will also serve as a guide for the contractor if you choose to use one.

Small Cabin Building - Site Plan - Curved Driveway Picture If you have a treed lot: consider making your driveway curved instead of straight. A curved driveway will add privacy to your site (your cabin will not be as easily visible from the road). It will also allow 'navigating' between large trees, so you won't have to cut them down.
In addition, the curved driveway is more esthetically pleasing.