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# Posted: 5 Nov 2018 19:36

In the discussions on this site regarding "how to heat your cabin interior" the one thing that always seems to get overlooked is "how do you get hot water"?

Many people (due to the small size of their cabin) have to use a small wood stove in order not to overwhelm the space with tons of heat but even with the wood stove you don't have hot water.

This system was designed and built by the students of the Steven's Institute of Technology as part of their submission for the 2015 Solar Decathlon (a bi-yearly competition for Architectural schools to design super efficient and sustainable homes).

The system uses PV solar panels to heat the water with electricity rather than using fluid filled tubing inside traditional solar hot water panels. This method eliminates the main drawback of fluid systems, which is the possibility of the fluid freezing in winter.

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