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Gary O
# Posted: 18 Jun 2018 20:32

Quoting: Borrego
that's a lot of wood for an old fart

took a lot of brand new farts to keep these ol' bones on that pile

Gary O
# Posted: 18 Jun 2018 20:34

Quoting: bushbunkie
Looking forward to the pics!

they'll be comin'

cheers, bush

Gary O
# Posted: 12 Jul 2018 00:35

I need to stop these projects and take a few pics

anyway, our bear is still in the neighborhood

he looked bigger when I saw him hunkered over the dumped garbage can

gettin' old, my friends
maybe a tad wiser...maybe
savoring things (it's what old folks do);

# Posted: 12 Jul 2018 09:29

don't get too friendly the black ones are the worst neighbours.

Gary O
# Posted: 12 Jul 2018 23:10 - Edited by: Gary O

Quoting: Just
don't get too friendly the black ones are the worst neighbours

considered popping a couple 357 rounds into Mr Bear

then considered how a pissed black bear could shred my onion paper Irish skin into cole slaw with just a couple swipes

Gary O
# Posted: 12 Jul 2018 23:15 - Edited by: Gary O

Moving along…

Water conveyance

Most off gridders out this way use some sort of large container on a stout stand for gravity fed, ready water, filling that ever so often

That works in summer


Even in summer, when the livin’ is easy, water sits awhile, it gets warm to hot
Heat breeds germs
And, well, who likes drinking warm water

Winter causes the obvious when storing in large containers

Gave it much thought before hauling in a 30-50 gal thing and propping it up

Decided to go small
Like half gal (2 liter) small
In wooden crates

Inherited a few crates
Put ‘em to work

Liked the mobility and freshness
Only, those crates were not made to fit 10 half gal jugs

So, I made some crates outa cedar fence boards

Fits 10 jugs rather nicely
Easy to heft

Water gets warm? Go run a couple fresh, ice cold (38°F/33.3°C) jugs for evening

I built ten crates
Yeah, that’s 100 jugs (a lot of Langer's juice)

Don’t need near that many in summer
But winter?
Ohhhh, yeahhh
Stored inside the cabin

Summer, we actually do the wash with a washing machine behind the shop
Little Panda (look it up)
And, yeah, I did get one 30 gal (113 liter) container to gravity feed the washer

In winter we (my lady) does the wash by hand…ever day
And puts it on a rack I built, behind the wood stove

This all works for two seniors
The trek to the well, 100 paces north, is part of my exercise program

Three cases fit rather nicely on our little carts

Two fit quite well on our toboggan in winter

We do use smaller jugs for sipping (I hate Gatorade, but took one for the team, drank two)

This is what old people do in the woods

Drove to the big city today
Large signs everwhere about conserving water...don't keep it running when brushing teeth, etc

I remember those easy livin' days in town

# Posted: 13 Jul 2018 02:57

Gary, i always love reading your thread and your words of wisdom! As well as your easy going attitude! Always a pleasure to hear from you and your way of life! Im about 5 years off from living the dream the way you do! Keep being an isnspiration for the rest of us!

Gary O
# Posted: 13 Jul 2018 09:20

You guys make it an easy pleasure, skoot

# Posted: 13 Jul 2018 09:28

Nice crates! I have some old pallets laying around...think I'll knock together some crates myself. Did you stain or clearcoat them?

Gary O
# Posted: 13 Jul 2018 09:58

Quoting: Borrego
Did you stain or clearcoat them?

No, they started as cedar fence boards

Pallets, heh, they're now gold. Especially the gnarly oak ones.

# Posted: 13 Jul 2018 10:38

I get a lot of pallets in the construction biz, love 'em! Just built some firepit furniture, couple chairs, a table and a bench...can't wait to try 'em out next fall......
Getting them 'de-nailed' is the hardest part

But they make great shelves, wineracks, etc....

Gary O
# Posted: 13 Jul 2018 10:51

Quoting: Borrego
Getting them 'de-nailed' is the hardest part

Yeah, it's easy to get impatient with that


even the nail holes become part of the character, somewhat like wormwood barn boards...of which have become cost prohibitive

# Posted: 16 Jul 2018 19:03

LOL, just read what I presume is your review of the Crater Lake Junction travel center. Chicken strip review is classic, and I concur. But their fries are the best in the county. Employees aren't always very sunny with their dispositions though!

Gary O
# Posted: 16 Jul 2018 22:19

Quoting: BadgersHollow
Employees aren't always very sunny with their dispositions though!

I'd written the management (in the back chat) on that;

Just a note;
You guys, for the most part, rock.
I’m just a local resident, so what I say here prolly doesn’t hold much water.
In any event, I believe in supporting my community, and get all my fuel here, including propane.
I’ve only eaten at the little deli/café (that seems to specialize in Mexican dishes) just a couple times, even though my neighbors have told me it’s good food.
The reason I’m a bit shy to grab a bite there is the incredibly poor service.
Price is OK, I mean, its whatcha pay for convenience.
The food ain’t bad, and the chicken strips, turns out, are quite good. But Dang it, guys, that ‘service’….sheeeesh.

Gave it a 2nd shot. Thought maybe the first time was an off day. People have those. Asked what (1) and (2) meant in regard to the chicken strips.

‘1 means you get one 2 means you get two’
‘How big are they?’
Shrug ‘I don’t know’
‘Really? You don’t know the size of yer chicken strips?’
‘ I don’t know’, shrug
The older gal moseyed a couple steps and showed me one with a tong.
‘I’d like two orders of two’

The younger gal rang it up. I sat down.
A good twenty minutes later, I got my orders.
Only it was for one order of two.
The older gal, looking at the ticket, said, ‘oh, this is only one order of two’
I said, ‘PLEASE, I’d not like to wait, just give me the one order’
She said ‘it’s already done’ and added it

Got to the car, never got the ranch dressing for the 2nd order. Moseyed back in, waited the 20 minutes to get recognition (no other customers), and told the older gal I was missing the ranch.

Here’s what’s kinda funny; The older gal, a smirk on her face, sez , ‘so you didn’t have time to wait for the 2nd order, but you had the time to come back in for the dressing’

She was rather proud of sharing her view of the irony I so wanted to share with her how ironic it seemed she picked up on that, but missing the 2nd order, then missing the ranch dressing, let alone the time spent waiting, was of no concern.

Sorry for taking YOUR time with all this dialogue, but maybe a word to the ladies about how good customer service will, in the end, make them work even harder for the same pay….


Never mind


Gary O’

the service did, however, improve

sometimes a little nudge can motivate...if only for a few days

# Posted: 17 Jul 2018 00:48

That is funny. Quite a hotel they are building down there too. I think your bear was visiting my side of the park too. The neighbors were all panicked because one got into their bird feeder. They were going to have ODFW set a trap to relocate. We were like, you chose to live in the woods, right? It isn't Disneyland.

Gary O
# Posted: 17 Jul 2018 00:55

Yeah, just don't know who'd stay there
That casino is a joke
Their dining facility is a bad joke

The general contractor's philosophy is to work a couple men short...nobody lingers on the job

I'll take a look see when they open

as far as our furry resident;

Hope ODFW leaves our fauna alone
I do like yer stance
I need more pics

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