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Gary O
# Posted: 14 Feb 2019 10:21

Quoting: manny
I could stand it if you make it

Masochism looks good on ya, manny

# Posted: 14 Feb 2019 10:30

Life looks good out there. How could we not want more?

Gary O
# Posted: 14 Feb 2019 10:49

Well, OK

Gimme some days

Snow tending is eatin' up large chunks of daylight

Y'know, you guys could do the same....

# Posted: 14 Feb 2019 16:53

Gary O there are people on YouTube making money on videos and if they get enough subscribers companies are sending useful things to them in the hope that if the product is something great a little review is done.

I see how many views you have here and on a few other web sites. I know people are extremely interested in full time off griders.
Something to think about......

Gary O
# Posted: 14 Feb 2019 21:25

Quoting: silverwaterlady
Gary O there are people on YouTube making money on videos and if they get enough subscribers

Well that’s a thought
Thing is, I don’t really care to get too into it as to attract sponsors (or whatever they’re called)
I just thought it fun for friends
Doing another book is enough


Who knows

Maybe I could get into it

Just for funzies

Tiz a thought

Right now a nap is a bit pressing


Gary O
# Posted: 15 Feb 2019 11:52 - Edited by: Gary O

This time of year dictates a different focus
Getting out
Getting to the well
Getting wood
Getting anywhere
Even to the poophouse
Especially the poophouse

Gotta keep the paths clear

The roofs have their special needs
Glad for the slick metal
And for roof pitch

The A frame cabin is at 58°
A turkey to cut those angles (took two runs thru the saw), but worthy
I did use comp roofing, but no matter at that pitch

The shop is at 45° (12/12 pitch)
Easy peasy with the sliding miter saw

and slick

The main cabin?
Design dictated a low roof pitch
So, I built it for ten feet of snow

Same with the two bump outs on the A frame
(snow is a good insulation)

The pines have these not so small tree bombs

Gotta wear something with a hood after a good snow
Their little joke is filling yer neck if you don’t

The nice thing, tending to the snow is my winter workout

Critters are up early this morn

Zippy is gettin' a bit chubby

May invite him for dinner (heh heh)

I shoulda done a vid of the Steller’s jay attempting breakfast at the suet block


Heh, snowing again

You’d think its winter

Y'all keep a fire

# Posted: 15 Feb 2019 18:56

Gary I greatly enjoy your posts and humour
Up for the weekend at a friends cottage and it took us a full day to get paths to everything important. The poop house took a bit of work as the bottom of the door was frozen in from some freezing rain a few weeks ago but made it before it got urgent

Seems to take all day just too keep alive. But hope there is time to fish tomorrow

Gary O
# Posted: 15 Feb 2019 20:48 - Edited by: Gary O

Quoting: FishHog
The poop house took a bit of work as the bottom of the door was frozen in

Y’know, when I built the bucket loo, I put a little trap door in the back for bucket removal

Thought it to be rather ingenious

Until it snowed

And snowed

And iced over

Took only the first part of the winter to redesign

Hinged the front of the seating area

Now I just lift the lid from the back of the seating area, and presto

Even screwed in an overspray shield (piece of 1 gal milk jug), that naturally goes into place when the lid is dropped back down

It sits quite comfy too, with the cloth seat cover

Gary O
# Posted: 2 Mar 2019 09:55

Yesterday looked decent
Decided to go the twenty five miles south to pick up mail, and get 15 gal of fuel for the gennys

Got out unto the hwy 97 skating rink

Feathered the brake to check ice content…just slid

Eased into the throttle….didn’t gain speed, just spun

Decided to go the two miles to the little country store and get my gas there, where the price is only double and they have the uncanny ability to mix water with their gas, screw the mail

On the way, about a mile down the road, a limping wolf hobbled across the hwy
Musta got into a rancher’s trap
Man, they’re gettin’ a bit too plentiful

Spent the rest of the morn and into the afternoon helping an ol’ gal blow out her road
Actually, she and my lady talked about chikins and tumors on dogs while my young buddy blew out her road….rather shoveled, had to use the bucket, too iced up to blow

She gave us some eggs in payment, and is settling up with the kid

Barely had enough light to do my own chores, but they got done

Today looked better

Decided to get the mail, and jaunt the other 25 miles into the big city (gotta take the opportunity when it comes, even though it’s been less than a week)

Man, the roads were dry as unbuttered popcorn

Sweet trip

Looked at guns (always look at guns)

Ate at the Asian buffet
Loaded up on hot and sour soup
Seems a great laxative

Stopped at DMV to get my license renewed

Posed for a horrendously comical mug shot
Funny, how when young it matters

Anyway, we picked up a few more groceries and cracked corn for the critters and juncos
And headed back to the cabin

In the snow

Wasn’t supposed to snow

Once we got home, the sky cleared

Supposed to be nice tomorrow

Gonna change oils on gennys amongst the other chores, then check on a hunting friend’s cabin and property to see if any trees did any damage

I’d like to take some space here to expound a bit on how well Little Joe the Wrangler has held up.

It’s only got a quarter million miles on it, but it has always taken us where we needed to go, including a bit of stump jumping

Funny how, when one keeps the fluids and filters changed, how long a hunk of machinery can last

I’ve only had to change out the oil pressure sensor and a couple other incidental wear type things

Oh, and it’s on its third rag top

A bit of a time to install a new one, but worth it
Summers, with the top down and doors off, become exhilarating…at any speed
(aged greying hair can get tousled at 27 mph)

Paid $11,999 cash for it back in ‘99

Anyway, Little Joe still looks and acts like he’s young
Maybe that’s why we get along so well

He even posed for some pics

after hearing the song dogs tonight, I took some night pics for fun

not a big deal, turns out

still, thinking about that wounded wolf gets one's imagination going about what's beyond the darkness

Keep a fire

# Posted: 2 Mar 2019 12:19

Really like your gig here. Just went through the pictures of the snow . Too cool man ! I really like this time of year. I've been working remote from home for a while and haven't been able to get to the cabin in a while. I know the snow is pretty deep. I still need to get a bunch of supplies in. 8 miles by snow gos. So thats always ok. The snow should have been shaken off the roof from all the earthquakes. Like weekly. Any more folks don't even care to acknowledge a 3 .o .
I regress . Oh well hope you don't mind, kinda. It's easy for me to slip into cabin mode. I may not be able to be home or at the cabin but I'm still in Alaska. Reading scf , drinking coffee with my squeeze , beautiful wife, and watching the sun come up over the Pacific surrounded by snow capped mountains sitting in the tongass national forest.
Sounds like you know how to live on your wins !

# Posted: 2 Mar 2019 12:23 - Edited by: Aklogcabin

Oops I think I should have hit the green button more.

Gary O
# Posted: 2 Mar 2019 23:36

Quoting: Aklogcabin
watching the sun come up over the Pacific surrounded by snow capped mountains sitting in the tongass national forest

Got a lifelong buddy south of you near Klawock on Prince of Wales isl
Quoting: Aklogcabin
I regress . Oh well hope you don't mind, kinda. It's easy for me to slip into cabin mode.

Never a prob on this thread

# Posted: 3 Mar 2019 12:03

Thanks Gary O . I can get along in the woods pretty well but computers, not so much . Took me over 6 months to figure out how to answer my phone when my beautiful wife would call without hanging up first.
My beautiful wife and I want to spend a month or so this summer at the cabin. I’m hoping to be able to fly home for Easter weekend and load the family up and head out to the cabin for a couple days.
The chores are mearly a part of it all that makes it great. I suspect that those aches n pains didn’t happen because you were sitting on the couch.
And you live in the middle of the woods because , well you really like the woods, but you really want to keep your squeeze all to yourself. And there’s always something that you can do together. And you kinda dig that.

Gary O
# Posted: 7 Mar 2019 00:10

Quoting: Aklogcabin
And there’s always something that you can do together. And you kinda dig that.

Yeah, I did a little poetic prose thing that talks about what you’re saying
(I’ve post this before, but, hey)

# Posted: 7 Mar 2019 14:03

You got the touch, my lad

Gary O
# Posted: 17 Mar 2019 10:46

Someone said ‘we only live once’
I couldn’t argue with that
…until I read what someone else said ‘we only die once, we live every day’

Gonna be another great day

gonna live it the fullest

keep the fire...within

# Posted: 30 Mar 2019 17:59 - Edited by: rockies

A picture is worth a 1000 words
Before Joining Small Cabin Forum
Before Joining Small Cabin Forum
After Joining Small Cabin Forum
After Joining Small Cabin Forum

Gary O
# Posted: 1 Apr 2019 09:04


Gary O
# Posted: 29 May 2019 01:15

May 26, twenty nineteen….it snowed

not a bunch

but enough

Even though covered, the freshly planted tomato plants froze
Pulled the pathetically limp things outa the soil
They are now compost

It’s my busy season

But, this is my sorta diary, so

I best post some, here and there

In late spring, one forgets the harrowing winter
And the winds that come with it
Cold wind is….colder
Blowing down trees wherever it wishes
Trees that never were considered would snap, snap like dry twigs

One learns



Breathes sighs of relief


Begins repairs

Dawns seem to keep coming

weather can be predicted just by going outside

Things are settled at present

back to 'normal'

The chippies are basking in the morning rays

Seem very deep in thought

when in reality


We get the birds
Never knew how much I enjoyed them
They are truly a pleasantry

Some comedic, some gloriously regal, some quite tiny

Have yet this spring to have the large shadows float over me

But they’ll come

Hawks of all kinds



A baldy here and there

Turkey vultures are fun

Took a moment to make a sound vid of a little guy with a pretty voice
He had some things to say in his charming tune

Here’s some lyrics

Gary O
# Posted: 18 Jun 2019 19:48 - Edited by: Gary O

We are moving

… town

It’s time

Just not really into another winter

Five winters at five/six feet of snow and ice is enough

The challenges have been met

The discomfort of getting warm has begun to outweigh the pristine beauty

For the first few years, we’d sit here, looking rather smug at each other, all warm and cozy, with the confidence that we weren’t going to freeze to freaking death in our rockers after all.

The toil of that seasonal achievement has worn a bit

Time to write about it all

Gonna miss some things here

The view from the shop will be no more
The simple glimpse out the shop door, giving a rush of memories of design and build of doors I had no idea would work so well, let alone the aesthetics to my complete satisfaction

A lota happenings occurred during this leg of our being

‘Course I’ll always have the memories…well, not always, probably


For awhile

Even during the most arduous of chores, I’d pause a bit, rest, look, enjoy

I won’t have a goodly portion of that in town


There will be joys

New experiences


Time to actually write

I’ve compiled scads of events, thoughts

Heh, I’ll prolly scrap those and start all over

I will use those for memory jogs, however

Anyway, getting close to moving day

Nothing will be the same here

And it shouldn’t be
It’d be a bit of a bore
And THAT…would be a travesty

Our little bungalow will become my writing venue

Need that

I’ll never put another book together

I’ll miss some things

You bet I will
The unsettled morning sky

The hovering mist over the marsh beyond our tiny meadow, cradling that steadfast little mountain dubbed Yamsi by ancient natives,
‘North Wind’ to you and me.

The grazing deer most afternoons now

The crunch of fresh fallen snow in early winter

The absolute stillness when winter is deep and mature

The brightness of the myriad of heavenly orbs on a moonless midnight

A full moon on the summer horizon

The cool evening shadows on what my lady and I built

But what I know I’ll miss most…
Is my little buddy

All Goldens flee in my presence

But this one

He came up to me just moments ago, walking t’ward me on his hind legs

Little hand outstretched, ever so gently caressing my finger to steady hisself while carefully mouthing the peanut shell

We’ll be gone soon

…and so will he

But, I’ve come to realize, missing things are not losses

They’re realizations

And I will surely write about it all

# Posted: 18 Jun 2019 20:16

Good Luck in All that you do.

# Posted: 18 Jun 2019 22:55

I'm sad for you both that you have to leave your homemade paradise. Nothing can take away the amazing memories you have made! You lived the life many just dream of!

Best wishes to you and Cabingal. Keep us posted on your new adventure!

# Posted: 19 Jun 2019 09:17

Gess we are all waitng for that apifame that says its time. I hope I know it when it comes . Or did I miss it??

# Posted: 19 Jun 2019 09:25

Well life should be about adventures. So let the new one begin

Have enjoyed your presence over the years so I hope you stick around

Gary O
# Posted: 19 Jun 2019 11:21

Quoting: hattie
Keep us posted on your new adventure!

Surely will

Quoting: FishHog
Well life should be about adventures. So let the new one begin

Truer words have not been typed

Thanks, guys

Keep that fire

# Posted: 19 Jun 2019 11:27

going to enjoy my kitchen at our little new place.
gonna binge watch Naked and Afraid.
gonna have my spinning wheel inside our living room so i can sit and spin more.
love our woods but we sold it to our son.he said we can come out here anytime and stay.
so all is wonderful.
we keep in touch with julie to oregon.she has a cute little house now.
wants us to come over and see her latest decor.
so we will be in town near Julie.
lots of fun times ahead.
i am taking my plants and planting them in the raised beds Gar made.winters are not as bad where we are moving to.i can actually garden.
thanks everyone

# Posted: 19 Jun 2019 15:51

Just read the entire 51 pages, and realized I arrived just in time for the new beginning. I'm 49 years old and aspire to live half as well as you both have in the last 9 years! Loved the whole journey; don't stop now!

Gary O
# Posted: 19 Jun 2019 19:27

Quoting: ckary
I'm 49 years old and aspire to live half as well as you both have in the last 9 years

It's always a hope that our doings are some sorta inspiration.

...I mean, if we can do it...hey.....y'all got this

# Posted: 19 Jun 2019 20:03

Quoting: ckary
Just read the entire 51 pages, and realized I arrived just in time for the new beginning. I'm 49 years old and aspire to live half as well as you both have in the last 9 years!

I'm a few months away from 49 and going on 4 years into my cabin journey. My cabin (and my family, of course) is my passion currently. I hope to have a solid 30+ years of cabin life ahead of me and I hope I have 51 pages of posts to show for it.

Love this forum and it's been great to draw inspiration from you Gary. Best of luck. I'm sure many good times await you.

# Posted: 19 Jun 2019 20:26

Your doing s are very inspirational Gary and Cabi. Ive admired your bravery and dedication and team work for years here.
Im a little sad that your leaving the cabin but at least its your sons now and you can visit !
I wish you both good health and much happiness in your new home. Youre a great team. Hello to Julie !!
Lisa. 😁

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