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# Posted: 14 May 2019 23:05

I got a quad copter a few weeks ago. After I got the hang of flying it. I practiced getting good video shots. I figured I would use it to inspect my roof. I haven't been up there for a few years. Anyhoos, I was able to locate a small dip in the roof that you can't see from the ground. Went in the attic and found the spot. I guess I had stepped on an H clip. Checked out the rest of the roof. Turbine vent, tarred seams and solar panel mounts gutters etc. All good. Plus I didn't have to climb a ladder. 👍
Now here's the funny part. I flew it across the creek from the cabin. Turned it to take some pics. And then I realized I never finished painting the side of the outhouse that sits on a steep bank of the creek. That outhouse has been there 13 years and I never noticed that.
So if you already have all the tools you need. For about the same price as a decent cordless drill. You can get a good inspection camera that you can have fun with when your not inspecting things. LOL.

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