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# Posted: 27 Sep 2019 15:45

Over the years I have seen several posters indicate they were/are building using Stoney's method. I would be interesting to see comments and pics of how it went.
Also, Stoney how about an update on the last one you built. Anything that didn't work out such as wood shrinkage, leaks, etc.

# Posted: 3 Oct 2019 18:32

Yes, I would be interested in that too.

Curious how it has held up over the years.

Going to be building next summer.

# Posted: 4 Oct 2019 15:37

I think if you want Stoney's attention you should go to the topic he started and post a question there. He only seems to drop in after someone posts there. He probably has a notification set on his build topic. Just a guess.

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