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What I mean by small cabin water supply is off-grid water sources.

From the small cabin living point of view, water can be:

Non-Drinking Water

Small Cabin Off-Grid Water Image Many people, including me, dream of owning a beautiful waterfront property; however, it's becoming an unaffordable luxury these days.

Having a small spring, creek, lake, or pond on your small cabin property can be a reasonable alternative, at least from the water supply point of view.
If you don't have that, collecting rain water can be an alternative water source.

Although I have a river at the edge of my cabin property, I'm also planning to construct a simple, but effective, rain water collection and distribution system.

Highlights of my small cabin water supply system:

Small Cabin Off-Grid Water System Drawing

This water distribution system supplies rain water for my summer kitchen / veranda (sink for washing hands, etc.), shower, and a couple of water hose outlets.

If you have a water source on your property (lake, river, spring), an alternative would be to collect water in a barrel using a (12V) water pump.

Water Heating

If you want to have a warm shower, few water heating options are available for your cabin:

See Hot Water Discussion on the Small Cabin Forum for more information and links.

Drinking Water

Small Cabin Off-Grid Drinking Water Image When you have a sufficient amount of non-drinking water, the actual amount of drinking water you require is relatively small.

I may consider some sort of water purification system in the future, but for now I bring my drinking water with me.
After all these years, I have an idea of how much drinking water I will need for a particular trip to my cabin. For a weekend with 2-3 people, I usually bring a 10-20 L (2-4 Gallon) canister of drinking water - either from home, or purchased in a local grocery store.

If you are considering a water purification system, there are quite a few available. Whether or not you need a water purification system for your small cabin depends on your usage requirements. I don't need one at this point.

Perhaps someone can share his or her first-hand experience of purifying rain or river/lake water inexpensively. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the Small Cabin Forum (off-grid section).

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