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Selecting and Building Your Small Cabin Foundation

Small Cabin Foundation and Floor Picture, Stone The foundation keeps your small cabin wooden frame structure from being placed directly on the ground where it would be more susceptible to rot and insects.
The choice of your small cabin foundation primarily depends on the ground type, how level it is (slope), availability and cost of related materials, and whether you intend to hire a professional building service contractor or to do it the work yourself.

If you hire a professional building service contractor, your choice of foundation options are fairly wide. If you do everything yourself (like me), here are some typical basic options for constructing your small cabin foundation:

Small Cabin Foundation Guidelines and Suggestions:

Also, see other small cabin foundation options on our Forum pages.

Small Cabin Foundation and Floor Picture, dek block I chose prefabricated concrete "4-way" deck blocks for the construction of my small cabin foundation. In addition, I had to do minor ground leveling using flat stones and some gravel.

Small Cabin Foundation, Leveling and Stairs Picture These concrete deck blocks are inexpensive ($7 apiece), easy to do work with, and offer better hold of the cabin floor frame than plain rectangular concrete blocks or slabs.

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