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There are many tips that can be found throughout this website that provide helpful information specific to the topic discussed on a particular page.

This page is a collection of tips that did not fit into any existing topic category.

If your small cabin is raised above the ground, make sure you cover all openings - (you can use chicken wire, metal or plastic wire mesh, wooden lattice, or anything else that will do the job) - so animals won't build their nests there.
Small Canin Tip - Cover Openings Under Cabin Foundation Image You can also use stones to cover openings under the cabin.

Heavy usage of power tools may occasionally drain energy from your battery pack (Power Box).
IIf that happens, you can either:
a) Use a car battery to finish the job
b) Use your car's engine to re-chargethe Power Box
Just make sure you have your car engine running! This is another good argument for using 12V power tools.

Wal-Mart sells a few suitable pre-mixed exterior oil paints (walnut or cherry colors) at approximately half-price.

Small Canin Tip - Water Collection Pail Image If you collect rain water in open pails, debris and other items will also collect there. Cut a hole in a pail cover and place it over mosquito net to filter out undesired items.

If you use a solar panel / battery-operated electrical system (like me), do not use electric heaters. They will drain your battery in minutes!
Use electricity for heating your small cabin only if you have a utility hookup or a generator.

Small Canin Tip - Toilet Paper Protection Image Keep toilet paper rolls in a tightly covered container, like a used coffee can. This will keep the rolls dry and prevent bugs from living and laying eggs there.

If your cabin is not heated, do not store bottled or canned liquids ithere over the winter. The liquid will expand when frozen, breaking its container.

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