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Cabin Building Tools in a Toolbox Picture Don't get stuck in the woods without the cabin construction tools you need! It is frustrating to realize, after hours of driving to your construction site, that you forgot some trivial tool and now can't do the job you'd planned. As a basic reference, here is the list of building tools I used during the construction of my small cabin: Power tools: Other

Power Source for Power Tools

Cabin Building Using Power Box Picture Choose power tools that work with your
small cabin power source. If you have electricity on site, or a decent power generator, you don't really need to worry about power consumption.
However, if you rely on some soft of Power Box or other battery-based system, select tools that can work with that power source while draining as little power as possible.
For example, select an electric circular saw which drains current 8A instead of 15A.

I used a 1200W Power Box with 12V-to-110V inverter. It can power up to 10A (110V) tools for quite some time. It will not power 15A tools.

I've found that cordless tool battery packs usually do not last a sufficient amount of time. They are pretty much useless for serious cabin construction, unless you have a power source for re-charging them.

When selecting cordless tools, consider choosing 12V instead of thye most common 18V. With some basic wiring you can use a Power Box or car battery to power them.

If you have to use you car's battery as a power source, make sure you do so while the car engine is running. Otherwise you will drain your battery power, and you won’t be able to start the car!

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