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# Posted: 10 Aug 2011 15:57 - Edited by: NancyHammack

Hi all, we have an outhouse at our mt. cabin it is us almost every weekend. We have little experience with outhouses and are finding that the waste level is much higher then we would like, do we call someone in to pump it and if so who does that?

I have read that lime slows the decomp down so we have limited the amount that we use down to only a sprinkle after a tinkle and a small scoop after a poop.

This is a vaulted version.

Any info/ advice would be appreciated!

# Posted: 10 Aug 2011 18:33

Have you considered digging a new pit nearby and moving it?

# Posted: 11 Aug 2011 00:30

Anyone that pumps septic systems should be able to pump an outhouse vault.

I used wood ash from my woodstove in my outhouse to keep the smell and flies down. Worked good. Doesn't take much.

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