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# Posted: 29 Aug 2011 18:00

Hello everyone, i just joined this forum and i'm trying to absorb as much information about off the grid living as i can.
Does anyone know where in the US would be a good off grid location for me?
Here's what it has to have:

Lots of sunshine to power solar panels,

A good amount of wind to power a small wind turbine,

An abundance of underground aquifers near the surface for well water,

No extreme weather or temperature (preferably no lower than 30 degrees, and no higher than 80 degrees)

Somewhere with very lenient laws/regulations in regards to living off the grid, living in a mobile home, wood burning, livestock, composting systems, etc...

And last, preferably somewhere that doesn't have very strict gun control laws, although this is not ABSOLUTELY necessary.

If anyone knows of a location that i might be interested in, please let me know!
Thank you!

# Posted: 29 Aug 2011 19:09

I don't know where this might be, but it sure sounds like paradise. If you find it first, please let me know.

# Posted: 29 Aug 2011 19:44


# Posted: 29 Aug 2011 19:59 - Edited by: smitty

West Virginia has all but the weather you wanted.
We almost bought 7ac in WV but jobs.. No jobs..

# Posted: 29 Aug 2011 21:27

No such place, IMO.

make a prioritized list, what's most important at the top and decreasing from there down. Then good luck.

Add weather things like tornadoes, floods, hurricanes to the list. Earthquakes.

# Posted: 30 Aug 2011 07:57

Any place meeting ALL of those conditions is going to cost prohibitive for the avg person. Kansas has some pretty good locations and has perfect weather 6 months out of the year; Spring/Fall.


# Posted: 31 Aug 2011 02:10

As I'm having a lot of trouble going through Google and deciphering all the legal muckity-muck, I'd like to chime in and ask, how are the counties in Vermont and New Hampshire regarding building permits? Perhaps some of you would know; southeastern Vermont and Southern New Hampshire (as well as Coos County way up north) would be my dream spots to break ground.

Thanks in advance for any information, and I hope I don't jack your thread too much, Xtacular!

# Posted: 31 Aug 2011 17:25 - Edited by: Kithera

With the exception of the building laws which I can't speak about, I double the big island of Hawaii. There is lots of property up saddle road at about 4-8000 feet up. I saw a 25 acre ranch for $80K when I went there last. Off grid is a necessity. Wells are impossible due to rocky soil but rain capture is common and easy, as are mountain streams. But, like WV, Jobs are scarce and poverty rampant.

Also, be aware, there is a fairly strong undercurrent of racism against white people there. Some of the locals feel like Americans stole the islands from them at Gun point. Their right of course, but that is besides the point. When I lived there, a friend of mine was attacked just walking by the university campus.

It's my opinion to get used to the cold, and look at the much more abundant and accessible land across the foot hills of the Rockies or the Smokies. Places like Idaho, Vermont, or parts of Wisconsin are beautiful, meet most of your requirements, and allow for some good down time in winter with a good wood stove.

# Posted: 31 Aug 2011 21:34

Everything you said about Hawaii is true. Most people that travel to Hawaii don't venture off the tourist path. I spent quite a bit of time among the locals and was treated with respect but also felt the undercurrent of unrest.

One other thing about the Big Island is to watch for is VOG. That is volcano ash that is in the air. It causes quite a bit of problems.

# Posted: 1 Sep 2011 00:37

You're talkin about the desert, pick yer state....

# Posted: 9 Sep 2011 10:12

Tennessee. No income tax. Plenty of water.
OK for solar. Some spots OK for wind.
Weather is moderate. Land is pretty cheap.

Many rural counties have no building codes so no permits required for anything...the Electric company is the one who tries to control your building. If you don't use them, they lose their power over your planning.

Many of these same counties also do not require business licenses, so if you want to do your own thing, just do it.

# Posted: 12 Sep 2011 17:36

I lived in Jefferson City, TN for 7 years, I miss it. Very minimal government, good temperate climate. Unfortunately, I want a cooler place these days.

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