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# Posted: 16 Jan 2008 09:52

Hi just admiring your cabin, great job. I bet the stars at night are really something to look at.

I am from pennslyvania{northeast}and going to have fun building a small getaway soon.
To me it is best to listen, watch magnificent thunderstorms, wildlife, and get away from all the rat race... Iwas born in the wrong era.. 29 years old.

# Posted: 16 Jan 2008 09:58

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Yes the stars looking magnificent at our cabin - not like in the city.
We also like sitting around the fire at night - looking at burning logs inspires some thinking...

Barrys Bay
# Posted: 12 Oct 2008 15:59

Yeah, everyone tells me I was born in the wrong era too, I'm also 29. We love to build fires, look at all the evergreens bordering the lake in the winter, watch the the milky way at night and look for satellites (and UFO'S), and watch our dog explore the woods and run frantically in circles like she's having the time of her life. We also get spooked when we hike on our lot and one of those turkey birds comes out of nowhere and flaps its wings so loud as its trying to get out of our way. My heart stops every time that happens.

Gary O
# Posted: 20 Oct 2010 19:18

Oh to be 29 again...that puts me back to the '70s when we had 5 acres bordering a tree farm...forest as far as one could see, and as far as one would care to walk.
Many memories.
Getting spooked is one of them;

Quoting: Barrys Bay
We also get spooked when we hike on our lot

Our out house was about 100 yds from our camp trailer, and it seemed the coyotes would time their evening seranade for my trudge down the path, when the shadows were long thru the alders, on a moon lit night. Something about their eerie shrill that would induce the o'l sphincter to involutarily clench.....sounded like they were right behind the out house (probably knudging each other and grinning).....
Now-a-days I'd just howl back. They don't want my ol' gnarly backside anyway..........

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