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File Upload Rules

Only registered users are allowed to upload view attached files.

The following limitations are applied to all upload file types and their sizes:

  • image/bmp - 8 Mb
  • image/jpeg - 8 Mb
  • image/pjpeg - 8 Mb
  • image/gif - 8 Mb
  • image/x-png - 8 Mb
  • image/png - 8 Mb
  • application/pdf - 8 Mb
  • application/x-zip-compressed - 8 Mb
  • application/zip - 8 Mb

All other file types and/or sizes above the limit will be denied on upload.

If you are uploading an image with the dimensions more than 150x150 pixels, the thumbnail of it will be created automatically. Visitors may click on this thumbnail and pop-up the image in full size. This is allowed only for correctly uploaded/created pictures.

The sum of the sizes of all the files that you are uploading at once, should not be larger than 1024Mb. Otherwise your message can be denied at all.

There are many security issues related to the files uploaded on our forums. Each case is individual, and if you think you can not attach files because of some bad hitch in the system, which doesn't fit in the rules described above, please report our administrative stuff.