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# Posted: 25 Nov 2021 20:53

It seems kinda quiet this year on the Happy Happy Happy thing.
But I will bet. Everyone had a reason to be happy about something.
I brined a turkey breast that luckily I had purchased last year. Never did it before. Grilled it yesterday. Came out great.
So Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

# Posted: 25 Nov 2021 21:03

Happy Thanksgiving to you.... and all!

We had no trouble getting a bird... had our area caretakers and the neighbors up this afternoon. A good time!

Our neighbors are headed back to their "permanent" home tomorrow morning. We will be all alone up on the mountain. There are only three cabins occupied in the winter and we are all about 2 miles apart. Occasionally someone will come up to their cabin in the winter but not often.... nice!

# Posted: 25 Nov 2021 21:04

Things do seem to have 'changed'.....
But we are healthy, fed and warm, and even thought not at the cabin we are snug in our 'cottage' home. Lots to be thankful for in our lives!
And sympathies for those who find this time difficult for so many reasons.

# Posted: 25 Nov 2021 21:17

Best wishes to all of you in (or from) the U.S. from us up here in Canada.

We had our Canadian Thanksgiving 6 weeks ago, so -- as someone who still works (consults) a bit for U.S. companies -- I personally consider these 2 days as my annual "get no work emails from American coworkers" holiday. So it was a great day to put away all sorts of stuff for the winter up at my cabin.

# Posted: 25 Nov 2021 21:47

Thanks Darz, same to you. We usually spend it with my Sister and BiL but they don't want to get vaccinated, and they are both 70+. So just the wife and I this year.

I spent the morning working on the '66 Corvette I've owned for 45 years. Finally bought new brake calipers all around. The old ones took quite an effort to get the bolts out, and a torch. A one hour job that took five. Got done in time to put the turkey in and make dinner. A quiet Thanksgiving this year but at least my car has brakes!

Here's me and the Vette, 40 some years ago.

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