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# Posted: 27 Dec 2021 11:58

Our grandson got a new used suzuki 90cc 4 wheeler. He turned years old recently. He has been riding his snogo for 2 winters now. And big enough to handle it safely. 4', 80lbs.
It has a throttle control adjuster so I can slow it up a bit. Probably put some metal roofing screws in the tires for traction as he will be riding it all year long.
Of course papa here is really excited. Our family grew up on wheelers. And they have allowed us to see a bunch of Alaska that would otherwise be off limits. But mostly used for work. Just nice scenery around.
This makes 8 wheelers now. To go with the 8 snogos around here. Bought them for the kids. And since I'm sooooo blessed to have our kids n now grandkids near I keep them around.
Maybe some day we will all go out together riding. That would be really great ! But for now me n my little wing man will be having a blast. And maybe grab Nana out for a ride.
Just thinking back to being a kid. Keeping an old skirule snogo running. I wanted something better. I was a freshman and had a job after school at a furniture store. Buck an hour.
I found a nice snogo but needed 300 bucks. My ol man took me down to the banker n had me get a loan. 18 months of 21.85 with interest if I remember correctly. And have been riding them n wheelers since. Now the next generation is coming along.
Riding them is kinda utilitarian. Work n play. Building the cabin, lots of fun work. We aren't speed demons but mostly trail putters. We enjoy identifying the different plants n I'm always looking for game sign. So slow is OK. Although when I'm on my snogo I like to go rip some snow up. After a nice snow with some winds out in the open areas I enjoy pegging it . And blowing threw the snow drifts. Like a tunnel of snow over you. And like riding on pillows, for miles.
In the spring when the snow is going away and moose antlers are showing up. Putting threw the trees in the woods looking for antlers.
I once got a whole bull moose head with mid fiddy wide antlers stuck in my track on the way into our cabin. A hundred feet away. Probably killed by the wolves. Had to jump off n dig out of snow up to my chest. I had a pretty lady for company so all good. Now maybe we will have my little wing man there to help.
I enjoy our cabin and cabin stories. Reading about others outdoors adventures. Getting out is why we have a cabin.
And now I get to take out our grandkids. While I have more time in life. Teach them, watch them. And continue to watch all the dreams I have had through the years, especially when hauling freight for years so we could build our cabin. Come true. Take one make one eh

# Posted: 27 Dec 2021 22:03

Quoting: Aklogcabin
While I have more time in life. Teach them, watch them. And continue to watch all the dreams I have had through the years,

Well said. 👍

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