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# Posted: 22 Apr 2022 12:15

For me, working on the cabin is kinda like playing. I enjoy the work. And being as it remote you have to have things planned out pretty well. We have to bring most of our building supplies out in the winter with snogos n freight sleds. And hopefully when the time comes to finally build your projects you have all the correct materials and can still remember the plan.
And then there is the bush plan. Bring out all the stuff you can n build something out of it. The outstructructures around like the woodshed are kinda mechanical wonders at times. Mine started out as a meat pole. I was forced to build a meat pole after I harvested a bear kinda unexpected. So where the trees holding the meat pole decided where the woodshed was going. Just happens to be exactly where I want it.
I needed a woodshed and had what I had 2x4s n plywood scraps. It did a good job holding up, or out as it may be. And did better at storing stuff than it did wood I think. It's still standing but needs some help.
The little generator shed 8x12 turned out better than planned though. My original plan of using it for a generator shed/ walk in cooler actually turned out pretty good. Well is turning out. The air conditioner is there so that was the last part. I even got a small freezer out there this spring so we will have refrigeration and freezing capabilities. Moose hunting just got easier.
Anyhows just reminiscing about the cabin and how plans evolve. Flexibility in how to build and when it happens seems to be key for me.
How do your projects evolve ?

# Posted: 22 Apr 2022 12:36 - Edited by: nitch11

Quoting: Aklogcabin
For me, working on the cabin is kinda like playing. I enjoy the work. And being as it remote you have to have things planned out pretty well.

Agreed! When it comes to plans i seem always, when im done doing something say "I wish i would have done this a different way", lol. The most fun parts of building for me are, cooking in poor conditions with minimal supplies. Making things to decorate, or making shelves and such out of whatever i can find is the most fun parts me. So fun to see your surroundings and have an idea that does eventually come to life!

# Posted: 22 Apr 2022 15:17

Mine goes in 'fits and starts'. Yesterday we had a literal 'Bluebird Day' again, got to the cabin mid-morn with big plans. HA, LOL! As my dad used to say,"The best laid plans of mice and men often turn to horse pucky" (apologies to Robby Burns).
But, I shall "endeavor to persevere" (ala Chief Dan George in 'Josey Wales)

Irrigation Guy
# Posted: 24 Apr 2022 20:38 - Edited by: Irrigation Guy

After a month away I hope to get to the cabin next weekend to do some mowing. At home I hate the chore but look forward to it at the cabin. I do get to use a tractor at the cabin so that helps.

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