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# Posted: 22 Jun 2022 11:37

I'm working on the concrete slab for our retirement home. Forgot my beautiful wifes advice n didn't try n get the 2" thick pink board foam insulation early. Wasn't any in the state except for 300 miles away. Except for the ones that were 20 bucks a sheet more at a local place. Kinda like being over a barrel n get gouged.
Good fortune did shine through though,,seems lowes go a load over night. I was able to save 1600 bucks. If you all are planning on building on the cabins get your materials in. Beautiful wife is ordering electrical stuff from the net,, which I don't like. But holley molley when you live where competition for building materials is hard, getting the job done gets worse.
All squeeked by n we're rolling along. Hopefully I can get out to the cabin n finish all the major building stuff while the slab is curing.
Life in the last frontier, gotta go while the suns shining.
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# Posted: 22 Jun 2022 16:34

Make sure that Sealant for the Concreate IS Applied after it is cured.

I had the concrete guy to do it for my slab and the Dork POOCHED IT. Came too early before full cure and used a Hand Pump Sprayer leaving weak thin spots and spots without any. The work to get that off and redo was a horrendous adventure.

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