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# Posted: 17 Sep 2022 16:45 - Edited by: silverwaterlady

Hi everyone.
Had my two grand dogs at the cabin this summer. After they went home, I found out about this fungal infection that dogs and people can get from the soil.
Just so happens we are in a hot spot for this fungus. One lady died a few years ago because the doctors did not know what was wrong with her.
Many dogs have died here as well.
Many people and dogs are diagnosed with lung cancer or pneumonia because many vets and doctors don’t know anything about this.
Dogs are most susceptible to this because they are always sniffing the ground.
This fungus has been around for a long time. Through social media is how people are learning about it. I have become a member of two Facebook groups dedicated to Blasto in dogs. It can take 14-100 days for symptoms to appear. Not always as a cough.
Please if you have a dog check out the CDC link. There is a map. It’s shocking to see how many areas in the USA and Canada are affected. Do more research. If caught early it can be cured.
There is no vaccine available.

# Posted: 18 Sep 2022 01:38

100% agree. Devastating infection that is difficult to diagnose. Luckily a smart emergency vet diagnosed our dog just in the nick of time. Took 7 months of treatment until the infection was gone. Awful.

# Posted: 19 Sep 2022 09:46

So happy to hear your dog is once again healthy.
I agree, you were lucky the emergency vet knew.
I’ve let my daughter know the symptoms to look for. I have not informed her of the two Facebook groups I joined to learn more.
I don’t want her to see how devastating this infection can be or have her worry.

# Posted: 3 Feb 2023 20:54

Thank you for this.

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