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# Posted: 15 Feb 2023 11:17

I know with the snow n thaw n more snow. That the trails were iffy. And going off trail maybe kinda dangerous. Have you been north in a while ? Must be well over 10 foot in spots. And hollow crevasses over flowing creeks. Busted pine trees 2' thick Iceed overtrees n alders. Across the trail. Hauling freight is probably even more fun .So not too bad anyhows.
Happy New Year, stay safe

# Posted: 15 Feb 2023 14:56

Couple of days ago, saw an IDJIT in a Honda Accord try to drive down a snowmobile trail... The dimmy got stuck and being a total moe, he buried it so deep a snowcat had to come and drag the "wreck" out of the bush... It was a wreck by the time it got to the road... Never mind the 20 or so of us standing about laughing at this citiot... Ahh well cheap entertainment (for us anyways, not for the owner of the written off junker).

Up here the winter (such as it is) has been frightful ! Temps from -30 to +15 within hours... really big & heavy snows 30cm+ one day to pouring rain for hours the next day... Dirt Roads that are nothing more than dirty ruts in muck & slush.

This year, I actually got snowed in at my property and could not leave for 6 days and it weren't pretty when I did manage to get out. Of course that is exactly when the Ariens Snowblower decided that it had to breakdown because it was the worst weather of the winter yet...

# Posted: 15 Feb 2023 20:10 - Edited by: NorthRick

Quoting: Aklogcabin
I know with the snow n thaw n more snow. That the trails were iffy.

The trail into my cabin is just fine. The south central Alaska trails that normally get groomed are in pretty good shape. I have not been off trail but I hear the swamps are variable. Some spots stiff with other spots that have sugar snow that will suck you down.

I was last out 10 days ago and heading back to the parking lot the wind was howling across the swamps and lakes. I had a 5-month old puppy in a wire crate on the back of the snowmachine and it was hard to tell there was a dog in there when we hit the parking lot. She's pretty cold tolerant and didn't seem worse for wear when I brushed all the snow off her.

We'll be heading up this weekend and I can give you a current report.

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