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# Posted: 18 Aug 2023 12:50

Cabin built in 60's, floor is pretty solid but has some lean. Built on poured rim foundation with no crawl space. How do I level the floors? Thinking of cutting subfloor down the middle of the cabin to see what the problem is.

# Posted: 18 Aug 2023 20:36

How much off in the run?
Maybe was never really level?
Maybe footing for perimeter foundation was improper or has settled (are there gutters; ie could water off roof have compromised what is now the low side?
Fwiw, ours has no crawlspace and poor floors, the best plan I have is to tear out all the floor decking, see whats under there that need be addressed, then sister in some good joists and re-deck.
Not for the faint of heart or time constrained and will be expensive....

# Posted: 18 Aug 2023 22:47

Does it really matter?

When we moved into our cabin it was 8" out of level across the 18' width of the living room. Of course, the lowest spot was the very center. I crawled under it and jacked and shimmed it in increments while listening to terrifying cracking sounds right above my head. When I got to the point where the windows closed again, I declared it "good enough!"

# Posted: 19 Aug 2023 05:58

I guess if you want to beable to open your doors in the winter it would matter. If a place is that unlevel I would suspect the foundation was done poorly and that should tell you something Bout the rest of the building. This and a few other reasons is why I bought raw land. I did the house renovation thing and it takes alot of time and labor to redo something done poorly.

# Posted: 19 Aug 2023 21:32

Our 16x24 'shack' by prev owner is adequate (for me) but my wife keeps reminding me that she has earned better....;ie, lets get or have built (by maybe the local Amish) a better cabin and relegate the existing to a workshop/toolshed.
Fwiw, I just pulled apart about a 6x8 section of interior wall anticipating putting in a nice big window looking up the meadow. I found No real studding, No vapor barrier, spotty and settled yellow f-glass batting with Red Squirrel tunnels, a outside wall fabric covering of what looks like black truckers tarp with sawmill exterior boards nailed over.
Thats all the quality upwards of the poor floor prev mentioned.
Like I said, shack (but, it Doesnt Leak)
No wonder it is hard to heat!

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