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# Posted: 19 Aug 2023 12:50

I am finally getting the opportunity to get back out to our cabin. Fly out later today. I'm going by myself and a buddy may Fly his cub on floats out later this week. But I'll enjoy the solitude. And stepping off that little plane. Watch it take off along with contact with the rest of the world. Hopefully the 6 wheeler at the lake starts after 3 years. It's a couple miles to the cabin. I can always hang stuff in the trees. Walk up to the cabin and take a break. And then get the 4 wheeler going. It has a fuel issue so I have replaced fuel delivery parts. We also have a 3 wheeler that ran good. I'll be ok.
I have a battery nail gun n nails for cabin work. Putting TnG on cieling.
Mostly going out to sit on the porch, hunting moose. Go sit out near mom's pond in the morning n evening. Putter around the rest of my time. Clean out the generator shed n get a air cleaner mounted on it so I can hang moose in there.

# Posted: 22 Aug 2023 09:26

How did the hunt go?

# Posted: 22 Aug 2023 12:11

Figure you are out of comm for a bit....
Goodonya for going for it, yours is a far greater commitment to get and be there than ours!

# Posted: 27 Aug 2023 11:15

Hello folks. The trip to the cabin was great. I flew out by myself and found that some bear had ripped through the tarps I had on my 6 wheeler n ate the key. Ripped it off the rubber coated wire it was tied to. The rest of the machine was fine though. I ended up walking the 2 miles to the cabin. Leaving a trail of tools along the way. Walking on the tioga is not an easy thing to do. But I made it and the bears hadn't broken into the cabin.
I got the suzuki 4 wheeler running. The fuel pump was full of corrosion and yellow dust. I headed to the lake to fix the 6 wheeler. Just as I broke out of the bush my buddy that was flying his piper cub out was flying by. We met at the lake and got the 6 wheeler running. We also got a bunch of wood put up and generator shed converted to a walk in cooler. A project I have been planning since the beginning, finally done.
After my broken neck issues and a few more that just come with working hard your whole life. I was finally back at our cabin for a week of moose hunting. Been 3 long hard years that were touch n go.
And being able to get back out into a world that has never been touched before except for what I've done. It has a healing ability unlike no other. And exactly what I needed as a person.
My buddy missed a big black bear that he first spotted on the trail to the cabin. On the flight out we did see 1 moose n 2 black bear.
I'll be flying back out in a a few days for 10 days or so. There will be notable changes fast in the forest. Leaves are falling and the smell of ripened cranberry fills the air. The moose wolves bears all moving more. And I'll be hanging out at moms pond out front or just sitting on the front porch. Both excellent spots to hunt.
This little cabin means a lot to me. It's a place that I built so our family can always have a place to go. And it's a place that allows me to heal in a way no drugs can imitate. Healing power of the bush.
I'll be out again for 10 days or so, never know for sure. And I'll be ready to actually have time to focus better on hunting. I haven't harvest a bull in a while so looking for to the opportunity. Thanks to a lot of bush ingenuity I'll be ready and be able to be comfortable. Cabins are great for healing both the body and mind

# Posted: 28 Aug 2023 08:41

Great update! Bears can make a mess of things but glad to hear you got your wheeler fixed and your cabin was secure.

Yes, fall has arrived. The berries of all varieties are the best I’ve seen in over a decade. You can definitely smell them including the smell of mushrooms. We are in full foraging mode and hunting will be in a few weeks. Plenty of moose about so no worries for me in this regards. The rains have made fishing a bust in much of Alaska, so we will be traveling to the Kenai for this in about a week.

Enjoy your hunt and time at the cabin!

# Posted: 28 Aug 2023 08:45

Quoting: Aklogcabin
some bear had ripped through the tarps I had on my 6 wheeler n ate the key.

Track him down and get your key back.

# Posted: 31 Aug 2023 11:20

I'm heading back out to the bush for 10 days tomorrow. I spent a lot of time on getting the cabin in shape the last time out. So now I can focus a bit more on moose hunting. Having the refrigerator/freezer is great. If I am blessed to harvest one it takes a bit of pressure off. Usually when one goes down the clock starts ticking, fast. And getting a plane in is no guarantee. Our pilot will do his best to try though and I appreciate that.
And best off is that my body has been healing up and I feel great. And then there is the magic power of the bush and how it just helps make me feel better. About life and about myself.
Wouldn't have this opportunity if I didn't have a cabin.
Here's to great cabin life

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