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# Posted: 6 May 2024 20:17

Quoting: shingobeek
91 octane, no ethanol with stabil.....for me this has worked on small saws, to large 100hp outboards.....

agreed, done it for years, problem is now trying to find ethanol free fuel. If your in Canada like me its next to impossible. Used to be premium fuel was ethanol free at some stations until last spring, but new laws say not anymore. A few of the native gas stations still carry ethanol free fuel as they don't have to follow all the gov't rules but that's our only option.

# Posted: 6 May 2024 20:22 - Edited by: toyota_mdt_tech

FishHog, marina has your ethanol free fuel. You guys have a gazzilion lakes. Oh, airports too ie aviation fuel it ethanol free too.

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