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# Posted: 13 Aug 2014 21:13

For a while I had my heart set on building a traditional cottage, but now we've come around to thinking that permit-free and off-grid use of the property is the way to go.

So we built a really nice 12x8 cabin with loft, and phase 2 will be putting up a nice 14x16 wall tent.

The best part? Little to no maintenance, and no change to our property taxes.

# Posted: 2 Dec 2014 21:18

I'll toss my hat in the ring:

You're certainly not going to get lost in it, but between ATVing, fishing, BBQing, washer-toss, and just general hanging out at the much time do you spend inside anyway?

I'm only 35 minutes drive from home, so if the weather's lousy, the Mrs is home where it's dry and things go flush. I'm there alone, so this is lots of room for me to sleep and make a meal, etc.
Friends come down, but they know to bring a tent if they're staying over.

I built the roof on 2 16' sistered 2x6 beams along the long edge, 4 posts, and built the roof like a 'real' roof with trusses, etc, so I can remove that siding (no wall, just siding to keep the rain off the camper) and slide the camper out that end, jack the roof a foot or so, build a floor and walls, and set the roof back down. (Haha, sounce simple when you say it like that)

Hopefully that will be happening this spring.

But, if not, it's snug and dry (because all campers WILL LEAK), and serves the purpose just fine for now.

The porch roof is hinged and folds down flat against the front 4x4 posts (for winter, snow load, etc), and in spring/summer/fall it's a great spot to just sit... shade in the summer and one day I sat there for 3 hours in the rain..just watching it rain while the humming birds zipped between their trees and their feeders under the potch roof. What a nice afternoon...

# Posted: 4 Dec 2014 06:45

Quoting: Gone2TheCamp
But, if not, it's snug and dry (because all campers WILL LEAK), and serves the purpose just fine for now.

yes they will

nice camp could turn that into a nice little camp/cabin for sure!!!

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