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# Posted: 14 Aug 2015 21:10
Reply neighbor picked up an enclosed trailer a few years back to go quadding and camping at my cabin with me. He set his up sort like mine. Well, he ended up buying a brand new 20 footer enclosed trailer, but it has a full bathroom/shower kitchen, awning, its basically an enclosed trailer turned into a camper unit minus table and bedding. Tile floor, AC with electric heater and also a propane heater. I told him his EU2000i would run everything except no AC. So he contemplating getting the EU2000ic companion and opted to get a new EU3000is. The Honda dealer told him they would give him $600 for his trade in. I told him I'd buy it for that. He said perfect. Works well for both of us. Its 4 years old and maybe 150 hours max.

Mine is well over 10 year old and told the wife I'd like to get another fresher one. Problem solved. I will still continue to use my primary unit. Maybe sell it later down the road. But I have my replacement unit already. I will drain all fuel, change oil, toss in a new plug and pickle (mothball) it for long term storage.

# Posted: 14 Aug 2015 23:54

Lucky dog...

# Posted: 17 Aug 2015 17:26

My Honda EU2000I run's my A/C just fine.It's running right now with a 20" fan and this computer.

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