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# Posted: 7 Oct 2015 07:00

I want to set a 250 gallon vertical water tank in the corner of my bathroom.The reason is to have my main water supply inside where it can't freeze up.I'm sick of dealing with the tank set up I have now freezing up.I had no problem for the first 3 years with mild winters but these past two winters have been exceptionally cold.So I've got to move the washing machine and drain pipe over about 3 foot witch bumps the cabinet over witch bumps the wall over witch bumps the computer stand over witch bumps the two water barrels out.And lastly,moving my cloth's rack out.Then a little plumbing rearranging.Sound's easier than it look's but it will be nice not worrying about freeze up.I also have to brace up the floor where the tank will set.

# Posted: 7 Oct 2015 09:25

that's a lot of weight. Could you put a big insulated box against the outside wall and leave that weight on the soil rather than on your foundation? That blue styrofoam supports heavy loads.

I'm betting on a mild winter this year. the ducks are still not migrating in any numbers. the bird flocks only started coming through a few days ago. I saw butterflies last week. I'm hoping they know what they're doing.

Good luck with yer project.

# Posted: 7 Oct 2015 17:21

Quoting: rayyy
set a 250 gallon vertical water tank in the corner of my bathroom

I've wanted to do the same thing since I bought my place, but, wow, 250 gallons of water is 2000 lbs! Don't wanna chance it.

An expensive but doable option. A neighbor installed a gas light in his attached outdoor water shed. That, plus insulation, and maybe a vent/fan setup blowing warm indoor air into it could be a possibility.

If you figure this one out rayyy, please share with us.

I want one, too!

# Posted: 7 Oct 2015 17:55

the reason i bring up the blue styro is that is my plan for this winter.

i'm wrapping two 55 gallon water barrels with 4" of styro/polyiso all against an outside wall of my studio. I hope this way I can have running water in the kitchen until the 100 gallons runs out. or it freezes. I will have some heat escaping into the water compartment from the studio.

I suppose once the wood stove is going full time I could always pump hot water into the tanks too.

# Posted: 7 Oct 2015 20:07

Insulation only slows a change. If no heat is added to a system and it is below freezing exterior to the insulated environment then the water will freeze. Even heat added must be sufficient and distributed to counteract loses.
Solar heating would help but to any large quantity of water would likely not suffice.

Water will absorb a lot of heat energy but would also be a bit of a ballast once it does as a large thermo mass.

Moving water does not freeze but you would need to keep that constant and there's a bit of energy to do that.

The last two winters we have had here in Western NY have been brutal. So I know your plight.

Water is 8.34 pounds per gallon. It's even worse when you distribute it over a small area like a vertical tank.

Long term Best bang for buck would be tank buried below frostline or a well.

# Posted: 7 Oct 2015 20:14 - Edited by: Don_P

Although if inside, it's storing 2000 btu's of heat for every degree above indoor temp.

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