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# Posted: 1 Dec 2018 08:41

Our cabin has the original chestnut planks across the log rafters with the black roofing felt peeking through in the old section, T&G pine boards in the later additions, and T-111 plywood, rough side down, in the most recent section and I'm not changing that, but we're trying to figure out how to do the ceiling in our house. The previous owner did it in light colored cheap paneling which just looks stupid, I'm considering using beaded plywood or maybe the thin T&G stuff made for walls.

# Posted: 2 Dec 2018 21:26 - Edited by: KinAlberta

T&G likely strengthen the whole structure as well.

I’ve been rather shocked at the cost of putting a wooden ceiling in. I want to open up the flat ceilings in our cabins and clad over the interior rafters but i’m sure not looking forward to either the cost or the amount of work nailing up hundreds of boards.

# Posted: 4 Apr 2020 11:11

So I’m thinking of pulling the living room ceiling down in our un-insulated 24x24 summer cabin and dressing up the 24” apart ceiling joists with 1x6s (finished/sanded/stained fir, cedar or maple - have a pic of a great looking example ).

However I’m not sure what I could easily clad the gable roofed ceiling with.

Some options I’m considering:

- galvanized metal might be nice.

- commercial metal ceiling cladding (gray looking perforated designs available)

- pine? (Walls are knotty pine so not keen to add a lot more)

- burlap painted say darkish green over top of plywood (saw this in a New Zealand garden shop and loved the rustic look)

- fibreglass cloth (haven’t found ANY examples of people using fiberglass cloth on walls or ceilings. I figure I could stretch it across rafters and tack it in place. Then to cover the seams I could run covering strips of wood or metal up the rafters

Any thoughts on fibreglass cloth?

*thinking I’ll use fibreglass cloth as a quick fire resistant shed skirting to prevent a grass fire getting under the buildings. Could maybe spray it with a light coat of black heat paint or something.

# Posted: 4 Apr 2020 18:09 - Edited by: KinAlberta

Per my comment above, here’s a project to open up a ceiling that I think looks fantastic. Nicely done.

Leaves the ceiling joists in place but dresses them up nicely:]

I better give the company the credit it’s due, so here’s its name:
Forward Design Build
Ann Arbor, MI

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