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# Posted: 15 Jan 2018 23:02 - Edited by: toyota_mdt_tech

...OK, going to start to thin my timber, clear out dense smaller stands, give larger trees more room, cut lower branches off lower end (prob up to the 10 foot mark or higher) and have purchased the Honda UMC-435 power head, plus the pole saw option and the 4 foot extension shaft. This hooks to your hip via a harness, so you are not holding it with your arms, just moving it. This will greatly reduce the fire risk.

Also getting a new DR chipper (not chipper/shredder) and the tow behind unit with the 16.5ft lbs torque (they dont use HP anymore, thanks trial lawyers) and I will get the extended chute and an extra set of chipper knives. I will tow it to the work area via my Kawasaki Mule. This will grind up the smaller trees and grind up all branches I cut off other trees. Looks like son in law will be helping me. Plan on staying a week. I need to do all 40 acres, but that is a massive task. So starting to work around the cabin and slowly just move outward, concentrating on dense stands after the perimeter is cleared around the cabin. per-16-5.axd

Headed up in April, I was going to do Kubota work with my new tractor, but this is a higher priority for me.
Shown with the longer chute
Shown with the longer chute

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