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# Posted: 28 Apr 2019 16:11

I took a chunk out of my finger today at the cabin. Not too serious. I have a first aid kit and took care of myself.

I know we have had this thread before, but it is worth repeating. Make sure you have a kit, and that it is well stocked. Make sure you program the phone numbers of police, fire/EMS into your cell phone, and carry it with you.

Some members here are many miles or hours (islanders) from help. Those folks need to take additional steps to insure their safety and well being.

Spring Turkey hunting season starts this week in NY. I ALWAYS file a "flight plan" with the MRS.. She knows where i am, and when to expect me back.

Just a reminder to fellow cabineers here:
We all have spring and summer projects at hand. Please take a moment to think ahead about the dangers, and how to avoid them.

Let's all have a safe, fun season, and avoid the tragedies that we are all familiar with.

# Posted: 28 Apr 2019 17:13 - Edited by: rockies

In case you wander off the trail, slip and plummet into a small crevasse have you thought of getting one of those GPS devices that skiers use if they get caught in an avalanche?

As soon as you're down or injured rescuers can lock in on your signal and know exactly where you are.

Eddy G
# Posted: 29 Apr 2019 08:48

Can’t be said or emphasized enough....Crap happens and happens in the blink of an eye...

We have zero cell coverage at our place.

Few years back, rushing before the sun went down in poor light conditions my free hand (glove and all) got to close to a circular saw in action....
Dumb stupid lazy mistake almost lost a finger...blade ripped into my hand and chewed it up pretty bad....
I was all alone way back in the woods, dark, cold and a little worried. At the time all I saw was a lot of blood so I squeezed my hand closed
(shredded glove and all) wrapped a wet rag around it, held it over my head and hiked back to the truck. Then drove the 20 miles to the nearest ER..had to find it first..
Everything’s good now but I got to say it was a scary moment that could have easily been avoided and if I had planed better would have been handled a lot better.
Needless to say we now have an extensive medical emergency kit and supplies. We have the names, directions and phone numbers handy when needed.
I tell my wife and grown kids over and over that we hope to never have to execute these emergency plans for fire, injuries, etc but we need to have a plan and know if and when the time ever comes...

Anyway, that’s my soap box moment for the day

Be safe out there folks

# Posted: 29 Apr 2019 08:51

I'm going to be ordering one of there kits before this years hunting season.

The RSO at the local range now carry the small trauma kit after a rifle blew up and put a big gash in the guys arm and they had to goto the range house and get the first aid kit.

# Posted: 29 Apr 2019 09:44

We are going to one of these classes in May. I have everything in the kits they sell with the exception of the tourniquet.
I'm not comfortable using one without training if need be.
We also want to take a Red Cross first aid course. A defibrillator is on our list as well.
We are one hour from hospital.

# Posted: 29 Apr 2019 09:48

Good luck!!!

# Posted: 29 Apr 2019 12:10

We too are an hour from medical care. Medical kit is stocked with supplies that aren't only for humans as my dogs too are on the list. I'm not your normal rube when it comes to medical as I'm pretty well trained and I'm certified to do training. Having the medical supplies is one thing. Having the training to recognize afflictions do treatment is also vital.

I do have a defibrillator at cabin and the people that have cabins near mine I trust have a key to my cabin. Bleeding is high on the list for things that can happen and can take you out. Tourniquets are now back on the lists for must haves but you need to know how and where to use them.

# Posted: 29 Apr 2019 18:22

When I'm up at the cabin alone and my wife knows I'm doing stuff, she makes me check in every couple hours via text si she knows I'm ok
One time I was up and my phone acted up so I couldn't text her. I drove into town to call her from a payphone to let her know all was well. A pain for me but no sense letting her get worried!

# Posted: 30 Apr 2019 16:02

A few years back I got an inReach (now owned by Garmin) for snowmobiling and remote hunting in the vast state of Alaska. I've since started bringing it to the cabin too. You cannot drive to our cabin. With a serious injury, a helicopter that knows right where you are might be your only chance of making it.

# Posted: 2 May 2019 12:48 - Edited by: redneckpaul

Good thread to remind everybody about being safe. I will update my first aid kit.
I like my alone time at the cabin and choose to have no contact with the outside world. I can make a call from the highpoint on my property to check in with the wife but I do spend 2-3 days with out checking in.
When working alone at the cabin I think everything through and don`t take any shortcuts.
If there`s something you can`t do alone get help.
Be safe.

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