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# Posted: 28 Jun 2020 22:10

After having no end of low-baller offers, looky-lou's, and people wanting to do unorthodox payment/financing in lieu of cash, we finally sold our cabin and lake lots. I'm honestly sorry to see it all go, but now we got the $$$ to start in on the other (lakefront) lots we bought last year.

big lessons learned from the last cabin, to carry over to the next one.

1) Downsize. We rarely used the living room. I thought we would use it more. Romantic evenings by the fireplace and all that, but we maybe did that a total of 2 or 3 times. New cabin will have a smaller living room. As we will have a great view of the lake, the wife wants a little area to have coffee in the morning and watch the mist come up off the lake.

2) One floor. To fit our old lot, the first cabin made sense to have 2 floors. Temp variation between floors was noticable, and to save space, we had an steep staircase that was a bit trecherous when you had a few adult beverages in you. Thankfully, we had no falls, but I came close once. Cabin 2.0 is gonna be on one level for sure.

3) Fireplace[. IF, I put one in, it's going to be just an electric one. The propane one was nice for ambiance, but it was hard not to overheat the cabin using it. Again, something I thought we would use more.

4) Water As this was just a weekend getaway, we never thought it was worth the $7k or so to sink a well. It was never a true handicap, but I can say it would have been really nice to have running water for showers and such. There should be enough money in the budget for a well on the new lots. But if not, we are going to plumb in for water any way, with the idea that we can add a well in a year or two.

Building the old cabin was very satisfying to me. I loved ever night we spent in it, but it's going to a nice family that will hopefully love it as much as we did.

I expect to put the first shovel in the ground in a month or so, full build updates as they happen.


# Posted: 29 Jun 2020 07:42

Always good to learn and improve the next time around. Even if you don't go to the expense of a well, if your on a lake you can easily add running water at least for the non-freezing months. I added it to my second cabin and wouldn't go back. Can easily deal with lugging a bit of water for the winter trips, but the longer summer trips running water is very nice.

# Posted: 29 Jun 2020 09:11

Small is good for a few days, but after that I start feeling claustrophobic in our cabin. Feels refreshing to return to our spacious house, even though it's a dump in the ghetto. Two days later I'm ready for the cabin again.

One floor for us too, but a loft to put stuff in. It's packed.

Have fun with the new adventure.

# Posted: 29 Jun 2020 11:00

Quoting: paulz
Small is good for a few days,

That's all we ever use it for. Friday night. Saturday night and occasionally a Sunday night if its a holiday weekend. In fact, all we really need is a bedroom. Most of the time we are down at the lake we are outside. The cabin is just a place to store our bodies when we are done using them for the day.. lol


# Posted: 30 Jun 2020 06:41

Yes exactly why I'm only going 16x24 on my cabin. It's there to sleep in and get out of the weather. I can't see spending actual time in it unless it's raining or a long day of ice fishing to warm up.

# Posted: 30 Jun 2020 09:03


I think you hit on some really good points:

One Floor: As I have passed another birthday, I am glad my cabin is one level. I have no problem with stairs however I observe my inlaws and they have gotten to the point that their basement is a no mans land. They just don't have the energy or footing to use lower (or upper) levels. It is certainly something to consider when planning a cabin.

Water:Something about water just makes a cabin a home. I currently don't have water and like you I don't find it to be a deficit. However, my property came with a disued well and I have found myself installing a had pump and will probably put in a submersible well pump in the future. It's just nice having that option.

I look forward to seeing your new construction!

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