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# Posted: 8 Jan 2021 08:17

Any reason construction wise why people don't build in the winter for cold climate states where it get's below freezing? I know the cold impacts things like concrete, but any other reasons people tend to not build in winter (excluding creature comfort)? Does it impact lumber, tolerances, or anything like that?

I don't mind the cold, actually prefer it over warm, and there are zero bugs in the winter.

# Posted: 8 Jan 2021 10:08

Concrete can be an issue I'd imagine, but wet wood ie OSB can too. But I think just dry cold winters, its just how good of thermal undies ya got.

# Posted: 8 Jan 2021 10:13

Things like cawlk, flashing tape, spray foam and other temp dependant things can be an issue. Shingles shouldn't be to much of an issue but they may not stick together real well until spring.

# Posted: 8 Jan 2021 16:25

Ladders being slippery and sliding out from under people would be one issue. (From any of frost, ice and snow) Through here we often do put up Christmas lighting in the snow and cold. Just carrying and moving building supplies around an uneven frozen building site would be riskier. Hidden hazards forming after every snowfall.

I’d also guess that snow getting trapped in places that will only dry out very slowly (as spring progresses) combined with possible daily freeze/thaw cycles could cause issues. Tarps should alleviate much of that problem.

Screwing and nailing into wood might split it as well. Minimal cost to having the odd split stud.

Nate R
# Posted: 8 Jan 2021 18:43

Need to use flashing tapes that can handle low temps, same with caulks.

Shingles can be a pain, the real issue is cracking them...if you can keep the bundles warm overnight first, they wont' be so bad.

Nailers might need anti-freeze/lube and not regular lube. Some lithium batteries don't like cold or can't be charged when it's too cold.

So, overall, it's doable, just takes some extra care.

Be aware, there are "road bans" for heavy trucks in the county from ~March until ~May, depending on weather, as thawing road beds and roads are a concern, and you can't get deliveries of building materials or concrete during this time.

# Posted: 10 Jan 2021 13:52

Many cabins built in the winter months in Ak. Often due to getting supplies in . But seems that if you let weather dictate too much you can loose out. I enjoy being out in the winter so probably easier for me. I grew up in northern Wi.

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