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# Posted: 19 Jan 2021 09:52

Just ran across this today. These are detailed... very detailed plans for a 12' x 16' Tiny Cabin. They are in PDF format that you can download with a donation that includes $0.00. You do have to leave your name and email address.

I didn't donate money at this time as I wanted to check it out, and presently have no intentions of actually using the plans. If I do decide to build it I would most definitely go back and leave a donation! I know folks come here all the time looking for plans so thought I would throw bef these out.... would make a nice bunkie.

My only beef with them is the decks on the front and down the long side are built at the same height as the main cabin floor. The front is covered so no worries but the long side deck looks as though water would soak the outside wall leading to damage. A roof down that side.... or leave that deck off, would solve the problem, as would a step down.

Well done a very detailed! HERE is a link.

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