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# Posted: 30 Jan 2021 11:42

Yeah probably fine without a rod. Might get concerned if going high. I've got several buildings like this. None have moved. No noticeable frost issues.
Out at our cabin we have about 3' of duff over burden. For my sheds I used disks make from the butt ends of cedar utility poles. And standard framing with an AWW bottom plate. Also use a somewhat post n beam setup. 4x4s across the bottom n top. Set on pads. 4x4 on 4' center. Fill in middle with 2x4s.
Willie that picture you posted would work fine.

# Posted: 24 Feb 2021 08:40

Might have to go to a plan B for the 24" diameter x 6" thick precast pads i was thinking of using as a base to stack the cinder blocks on. Aside from them being over 250lbs each (not sure how i was going to move those myself) it appears they are no longer available.

I need to have at least a 24"x24" pad (round or square). I don't believe they make sonotubes that tall. So i'm considering either getting those plastic bell forms and setting it on the surface and filling it with concrete, or just making wood frame and pour my own pads onsite. Since bag concrete would be my only option, is there a particular type i need to use given the weight that will be going on each of these pads?

# Posted: 20 Jul 2021 22:53

I think what she wants is a footing 24"x24" by 12 inches deep, that is in the bottom of 48" deep hole. Then your 12" diameter pier sits on top of that so the total depth is 48" but 54" would be better.

It's not a 2 foot diameter pier, its not only 12" deep. You gotta go below frost and pier has to sit on a footing or pad.

Hope you got it straightened out.

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