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# Posted: 2 Apr 2021 05:58


We have floor to top screened in porch. Aluminum screen stapled to the supporting frame. Has anyone used a better system than just staple? I see the Screeneze system but it looks like they only use fiberglass screen.

Thank you.

# Posted: 2 Apr 2021 08:16 - Edited by: razmichael

I can vouch for the Screeneze system. Our porch screen is 9x16 and I used Screeneze about 6 years ago. Easy to install (although the mitered corners are tricky - at least for me). I think I installed it about 6 years ago and the screen is still tight. This plus the fact I could replace the screen if needed makes it a good solution. No experience with any of the other products so can't compare. I didn't get my screen from them (not even sure they sold any at the time). They don't recommend steel screen but not sure on aluminum? I suspect it is an issue on how easily the material will fold/bend into the fine grooves. you might want to contact them. Besides the install method, the type of screen is important. We wanted a screen with great visibility (lake view) but protection from "no-see-ems". At the time it was hard to find a good screen material that came in 9' + wide rolls and still a fair cost.

# Posted: 2 Apr 2021 11:59

The staples to the posts is fine for getting the stuff up and attached. Once all that is satisfactory put some top thin pieces (like lathe, etc) over and nail/screw down. That increases the hold and looks by a lot. Pre-fit then stain/paint before putting up.
Screen of mini bug size does act like a sail and holds a lot of wind so improving the hold is a good thing.

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