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# Posted: 7 Jan 2022 15:36 - Edited by: toyota_mdt_tech

Easy to add, well, with little dissasembly. Cut all rafters loose from ridge board (nails), drop ridge board down out of there, rafters are now just butting up to each other (you can run a strap 2x4 horizontally to keep spacing between rafters). Take properly sized ridge beam, its laying on top of the gable wall plate now (do this in advance) then just lift it evenly in place. Get lots of buddies, lift it up, till it goes between the rafters. Get it in place, then go an secure all your rafter ends back up. Built something with cleats on each side where you can push up ridge beam a foot at a time to next cleat, do opposite side, then back to other side.

Oh, gable end studs above the wall hooking to rafters, I turned mine sideways compared to yours.

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