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# Posted: 9 Jan 2022 12:56

What products are recommended for maintaining the surface of logs on the insides of cabins? This really is a 2 part question.

1) The main living area, the logs have some sort of treatment that is holding up well. Is there anything I should look out for, or do, to maintain the logs?

2) At some point, the previous owner did an expansion that included an Arctic entry, a bathroom and a utility room. The interior logs had no treatment applied, so there is a notable difference in the look as you go from this area to the main area. What treatment could be applied here to protect this interior space?

The exterior is fine, so this is all about the inside.

# Posted: 9 Jan 2022 17:20

Never applied finish to logs, inside or out. But I wonder how they might differ from sawn wood? If there is any difference inside??

# Posted: 10 Jan 2022 09:45

Mine are spruce logs.

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