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# Posted: 1 Feb 2022 22:34

Does anybody have any recommendations on the proper width and projection measurements for an awning to fully protect a 36" by 80" in-swing door? This awning won't have side-wings, it'll be just the horizontal piece.

I've called a couple of places, and they've quoted widths based on appearance and projections as if there were an out-swing door. I just need to keep weather off the door. I was thinking about going with a 60" width and 36" projection, but I don't know if that's too big or too small, and I also have to consider available space, cost, and ease of installation, so going larger isn't automatically the better answer.....

Hoping y'all can provide some advice based on real-world performance! Thanks in advance....

# Posted: 1 Feb 2022 22:56 - Edited by: gcrank1

Had some experience with an old commercial made 'tin' one, it was comfortably wider than the door and at least 36" out. The way 'sideways' weather is I wouldnt want anything that projected less.
Im needing to get something over my door too, been thinking about 48". Probably prop up a piece of plywood or such to get a sense of it.

# Posted: 2 Feb 2022 06:05

A screen door with glass does a prety good job protecting a door.

Nate R
# Posted: 2 Feb 2022 08:34 - Edited by: Nate R

It depends on the height and slope above the door.

I've built 3 in the last year, and a 4th coming this year.

All 3 are at a 25 degree angle. 2 are for 32" doors. Inswing main doors, but outswing storms on them, so the door still had to clear the awining. The 3rd is for a 34" inswing door.

The first 2 have about a 36" horizontal projection, and are about 57" wide total.

The other one is about a 41" projection, but also starts higher above the door. That one is about 81" wide, but also off center on the door itself.

On my cabin, I have a 36" OUTSWING door. I'm planning on a similar 41-42" projection, and going to go 90+" wide for aesthetics.

Anyway, from my experiences, if you want "total" protection from some windy rains, etc....I'd maybe go a bit wider than the 60" for a 36" door OR drop the height a bit so that the lowest point of the awning is lower than the top of the door, since yours is inswing. I think your 36" projection will be close to OK, especially if the height is a tad lower.

Hope that helps!


# Posted: 2 Feb 2022 10:07

Nice Nate! That style will look great on our place

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