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# Posted: 21 Mar 2022 22:57

Hello, My wife and I have a 10 acre property in the Blue Ridge Ga area(Cherry Log). There's electric on the property and a road with a building site cleared. We've been all over the map on what we want exactly but it's looking like some kind of wood cabin but we've also seen some metal "barndominiums" with wood trim
that we liked...The size depends on costs. I am handy with almost anything and have done a lot of home renovations. I think I could handle a cabin with no problem. Does anyone have any idea what a 1200 sq ft cabin would be finished/1000 sq/ 750 sq? I'm looking at kits also. We're just wondering what we could actually get done, start to finish on a budget. etc.. I'm aware that some of this might be covered in the forum and I'll keep looking.We just haven't found a lot of finished prices. Thanks We appreciate it.

# Posted: 21 Mar 2022 23:37 - Edited by: darz5150

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you really want. Then your budget. Then find the common ground between the 2.
With the way lumber prices are, you might have to compromise on something. Local prices vary.
Some here can refer you to free design programs that can also help with material lists.
In 2019 I got a 12 x 24 double lofted barn style shop for about 10K. Now a pre fab garden shed costs 6K.🤯

# Posted: 22 Mar 2022 05:10

You wont find finished prices because lumber price rise and fall so much. For instance good plywood sub floor was $32 a sheet 3yrs ago. Now is $89. Other things like insulation type and interior finishes vary greatly also.

Use a calculator and figure out how many sheet of plywood, studs, rafters, joists you need for each wall, floor and the roof. That will give you a rough estimate on how much a dry building will cost. How ever I suggest you start with a interior design program to figure out how big a building you will need.

# Posted: 22 Mar 2022 08:09

Welcome to the forum.
With your experience and having the tools, I'm sure you'd be able to get a place up without too much stress but you will have to spend some serious thinking time on it.

As stated above, Lumber has gone into insane world with prices all thanks to mucked up shipping and stupid duties that benefit no one but the "collector". Unfortunately, not only lumber prices but quite litterally everything has gone up.

There are MANY companies that have plans, semi kits (bare shell) to full on kits with doors & windows. Pricing these will be hard BUT not hopeless as some companies have their own forestry contracts and that can work out nicely.

One company used by several Cabineer's (here & elsewhere) that can be viewed as a Good Quality Company with respectable prices & options is out of Vermont :

There are many ways that you can go and all of them will affect your costs, such as a basement or concrete slab foundation or something else.

PLEASE Consider that as you are building fresh from the ground up, now is the time to think about energy efficiency & comfort which can be built-in from the start... If you wanted Solar on the roof then also align the house to take advantage of the solar potential which in Georgia can also give you electricity, hot water & more. You don't have to pay the sun to shine...

Quite a few of us have Solar and a good number of us are actually offgrid and a few like me are 100% offgrid solar year round... Sure feels good not to pay monthly hostage fees.

BTW: Asking what a finished cost is, won't help you much at all... It depends on the build, the materials & finishes used. For example I build all my cabinetry, did all my own millwork and milled baseboards & casings, I used Live Edge White Cedar on the exterior and my walls are insulated with High Density Foam... Had I used all "store bought commecial" products my costs would have been drastically different.

The "Best Guesstimate" anyone could give "If Current" is what a shell with foundation may have cost, at best.

Also do not forget things like the cost of drilling a Well, installation of Septic system and all those things that add up really fast in a short time.

For some peculiar reason some folks they MUST have a 240VAC Well Pump or a 3-Phase HD Pump... Unless you are a commercial level user or large agricultural, NO you do not need that ! In all cases a Soft-Start Well Pump should be order #1 so that it does not have a huge initial surge to start... 120VAC can more that sufficiently handle a deep well and put out great PSI... To that end look at the GrundFos SQ Series Well Pumps, they are a Top Quality Product and no BS with them at all.

ALSO on Plans... Places like HomeHardware have Plans & Kits for smaller homes, cottages & garages which may also be on interest although I am "Leary" of the kits with materials for one reason... It's some turkey in the lumber yard picking off the stacks of lumber and when told they need 100 pcs of 2x6 they just grab 100 pcs, warped, twisted or straight they don't check. BTDT and results in at MINIMUM a 30% return & exchange rate on the lumber... THAT is a Huge PITA ! Having to sort through all of it.

Hope it helps, Good Luck

# Posted: 22 Mar 2022 12:51 - Edited by: gcrank1

If you must build to code and submit to inspection/approval it will be more.
You already have some of this, but:
When we were shopping and discovered to get bare land, permit for driveway, fire number, septic and well, an approval of structure and building permit, then elec run to site, foundation, etc we were Out Of Money before a stick even went up.
You need to find out what is allowed/required before you look at something to put up.

# Posted: 22 Mar 2022 17:54

Thanks, some great info here. We're taking all the advice we can. The soil test was done also for the septic. So we have to submit building plans and get the septic and well done but we don't know what we can afford. So we have to figure that out first. I got one estimate so far for a barndominium shell. It includes a concrete slab floor with rough in plumbing, septic tank install and putting up a 1200 sq ft barndo shell all for 102k...I would have to finish the interior. How's that sound? We still might do a log cabin kit but we're looking it all over.

# Posted: 22 Mar 2022 19:27

For materials, search around locally as you may have a building material auction house near you. We have one nearish our house: that if we ever get around to building a new cabin on our property we'll be hitting up.

# Posted: 23 Mar 2022 06:56

I can tell you that skimping out on site prep and a proper frost depth foundation is not actualy saving any money in the long run. I have seen many cabin/house issues that could have. Even easily avoided with proper site prep, grading and a good solid foundation.

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