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# Posted: 15 Jun 2022 15:44 - Edited by: ThisOldCabinNJ

Hi Folks,
Please don't kill me here but I am unfortunately considering covering over the interior logs in my log cabin. The house is currently vacant and had been ill-maintained over the last 100 years so its in rough shape - thankfully nothing is rotten.

The interior chinking has been replaced in many parts with roofers tar and what remains is asbestos-laden mortar. I still have to replace the chinking to make it weather tight but I can't drag this project out for the next 3 years; I need to move in sooner than later.

That said (and just to clarify my inquiry is part of a consideration), how should I go about covering over? I'm familiar with construction, techniques, etc just not familiar with covering over log. Is there anything I should be concerned about?

My thoughts are to build a 2x3/2x44 stud wall over the log. Then I can add thermal insulation, electrical wiring and drywall over top. While this isn't my favorite idea, its an OK idea because i'll also be adding insulation to the home that otherwise wouldn't be insulated.

I guess my biggest concern is moisture/trapping moisture etc inside. Obviously I would use a vapor barrier under the drywall.

Is there anything I'm missing or should be otherwise concerned about???

Don't beat me up too bad. Covering the logs is a semi-last resort.

Thanks Much,
Al Conforti

# Posted: 16 Jun 2022 22:55

Yours would be a little different as it's logs, but these folks on youtube just did this on their build. in essence they coverd the walls with 4x8 sheets of insulation, cover that with nailing strips, put another round of insulation between the nailing strips, and will then cover that with shiplap.

first video is here:

# Posted: 17 Jun 2022 09:51

Build a wall Infront of the wall. This way its plumb and straight. Trying to use furring strips on a log wall sounds absolutely terrible.

# Posted: 17 Jun 2022 13:50

Quoting: Brettny

Build a wall Infront of the wall. This way its plumb and straight.

Then use spray foam to fill the voids!

# Posted: 17 Jun 2022 20:52

You would be suprised how much logs insulate. Bit would just use bat insulation if anything.

# Posted: 22 Jun 2022 05:10

Thanks all for the input.

The plan is to build a 2x4 stud wall in front of the log.

I was going to re-chink all the joints with cement before putting a wall up but do you think I could get away with using spray Expanding foam? Like the triple expanding foam for windows? I don’t have a budget to hire an actual spray foam contractor nor am I crazy about full spray foam. I also feel like this is sacrilege to the log dwelling as if a future buyer in the next century of this dwellings life may want to restore it proper.

Anyhow, after sealing joints, I did plan to insulate with Rockwool and either drywall or T&G board the walls.

How well do logs insulate or was that sarcasm? LOL I though logs had a r-value of like 1 per inch. I guess r-8 is better than just 1/2” sheathing and lath/plaster on some of these old homes.

# Posted: 22 Jun 2022 10:35

I know you have time and budget constraints but are you sure a couple years down the road your not going to regret the decision to cover those beautiful logs?

To each their own but I’d make sure your very sure you will be happy with this decision in the long run

Personally I’d take some cheap temporary steps until I had the time and money to restore it to its original beauty and enjoy the logs for years to come

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