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# Posted: 31 Aug 2022 15:19

Do you think its worth it to go with Bora-Care for treatment of new logs ? It seems that Timbor sits on top of logs and Bora-care penetrates deep into the log.

Is the price worth it? Any thoughts ?

# Posted: 1 Sep 2022 23:16

There's a borate-type additive we could have put in our stain when we did it last month. We opted not to for a couple of reasons... one of which is that we will have to stain again in the spring and can add it then if we want to.

If I recall correctly from the log home builders association boot camp I did, they suggest doing it.

Where are you building at?

# Posted: 2 Sep 2022 11:33

From the sheet you provide, both are the same material (DOT) so it's difficult to see how they would differ in their ability to protect wood unless there are other additives not listed or if there is some sort of difference in the concentration. Or perhaps the two differ in their carrying solution (water-based vs. oil-based?). Borate minerals are generally pretty soluble in water so if you live in a wet area, the DOT may eventually leach out of the wood (if
the wood gets wet often).

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