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# Posted: 7 Sep 2022 14:02

Im Planning out our wood fired sauna for the lake place… 8x10 foundation . A 5x8 hot room and a 4+x8 warming room as a traditional sauna would have.

Rather than typical dimensional lumber rafters for the room…I want to put beams across the ceiling like a log cabin from gable end to gable end… this is to make it more “traditional”- and I think it’d be pretty cool. 5 beams in total: A true ridge beam, 2 on either side of that at the 2’ mark and 2 where the gables meet the sidewalls. These beams will extend out past the gable by a foot to frame the overhangs. Roof Sheathing will be 1x car siding run perpendicular to the beams (just like a traditional) log cabin.

The center wall dividing the hot room and the warming room will be gabled as well to support the beams in the middle…so span isn’t an issue-6’ max span.

I was thinking of either using 12’ long cedar 4x4s OR I also have several acres of cedar trees on the property. As much as I’d hate to cut the N white cedar trees- I think it’d be cool to find a few 5-6” trees and cut for the 12’ beams.

Normally I believe these would have to season for a while before used- ostensibly to dry…However… since I am using these ONLY as beams and not cutting into dimensional and shrinkage really wouldn’t be an issue if used as beams….

Would it be a bad idea to use more or less right away within a month of cut down?

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