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# Posted: 28 Sep 2022 08:33

I can't seem to find this information except in a few places so I'm hoping I can get some answers here!

We have some land in mid coast Maine and are planning to build a cabin likely 24x32 or 36ft with a loft. We've been exploring the option of a gambrel roof but might just stick with a standard gable roof to make things easier. We have heavy clay soil with plenty of rocks. Due to the rocks we'd like to avoid pouring cement sonotubes. We'd also like to have as small an impact on the land as possible and should we ever move or tear down the cabin, not leave piers sticking out of the ground.

I've discovered this concrete pad and block foundation idea. Here's a few references:

The question I can't seem to find an answer is to is how much weight can this type of foundation support? Can we put 700+sqft structure on this without issues?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

# Posted: 28 Sep 2022 14:47

There are several factors at play. Depends on the type of concrete used for the pad, the type of block used on top of the concrete, the spacing between/# of piers, and the types and quantities of materials used in the structure.

A lot of factors, I know. You'd probably need to talk to a structural civil engineer if you want a real answer. That said, the manufacturers of the concrete and blocks should be able to give you their compressive strengths. And, there are plenty of cabins built on this type of foundation with 6' or less spacing between piers.

# Posted: 28 Sep 2022 18:18

Dont do it. Clay soil frost heaves like crazy. Build a real foundation for your real sized cabin.

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