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# Posted: 6 Nov 2022 23:03 - Edited by: harrymanimus

I have six 9ft fiberglass batts left over from cabin install. I need to do something with them. Thoughts on laying them on top of the loose fill rock wool insulation (paper up) in the coldest room in my home? Not sure it is worth the trouble of doing it. I think the main issue in that room is the one outside wall that is non brick in our home just gets too cold. Other option is to give them away on craigslist.


# Posted: 7 Nov 2022 08:53 - Edited by: gcrank1

Laying in for more insul value would be good but the vapor barrier is supposed to go on the warm side. I have to wonder if sandwiched between the insul layers would be a problem? I know having the VB up and slashing it has been done.
Or donate to Habitat for Humanity/ReStore in your area?

# Posted: 7 Nov 2022 22:56

Bury it under the loose-fill maybe.

More is likely better.

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