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# Posted: 23 Apr 2023 06:15

Building a shed and trying to decide on foundation. Wondering how exactly these adjustable elevated post brackets work:

Seems like they go in the whole in a deck block such as this:

The hole in these kind of off the shelf deck blocks has a significantly larger diameter than the threaded rod in the bracket. So is the excess filled with cement or adhesive?

And once in place and the structure built, is the idea that they can be releveled if needed by adjusting the nut? Or are they just meant for leveling the post/beams during the construction process? I can see how you might level the post via the nut to get it to the right height, then remove rod, and adhesive into hole in deck block. But then it would no longer be adjustable?

Having a hard time visualizing the details on how this works or finding good resources about it.

# Posted: 23 Apr 2023 08:27

This link should help:

# Posted: 24 Apr 2023 19:13

Get the blocks with just holes, not the indents for dimensional lumber.

Unless you fix the block to the ground somehow, there's no real point in gluing the threaded rod into the hole.

The nut can be used later to adjust up or down if needed to level up the floor.

# Posted: 24 Apr 2023 20:42

How big of a shed are we talking?

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