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# Posted: 7 Jun 2023 10:52

Great website the information is very useful.

I have a specific question about log cabins. I found a log cabin that the person is basically giving away because he wants to build a big house. This is a square log 24 x 32 with a loft. I am interested in dismantling it and reassembling on my land

He is the 2nd owner and as used it for 30 years and says it is about 50 years old in total.
When I research on the Internet they say most log cabins "last" about 50 years.

I'm going to visit this weekend from the photos it looks in very good condition especially from the inside.

My one concern is that he said in his 30 years he really didn't do anything to the outside.

So when I go to visit besides obvious rot I'm wondering what would disqualify this as a good idea to disassemble and reassemble on my piece of land?

I'm somebody who has renovated homes but know nothing about log cabins

Here are some photos

any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated



# Posted: 7 Jun 2023 11:35

A friend of mine bought two logcabin's about 15 years ago. They were disassembled and all the timbers moved to his mountain location. He cataloged all the logs; length, height, width, notches or not, etc. The structures he bought had been abandoned for many years. Square hand hewn very old chestnut.

Then he designed a new cabin using all the logs. He built a rebar reinforced concrete stem wall foundation. There is a room built off one side that is stick built and lap sided and painted to be complementary to the old log color. It is one of the nicest log cabins I have seen.

# Posted: 7 Jun 2023 20:25

Based on those pics, if it's basically being given away, and it's truly afforable for you to move, take it and run. That looks to be in very good condition for its age, whether the exterior was maintained or not.

Yes, look for rot and any major insect or animal damage. The thing is, as it's reassembled, you can replace a piece here or a piece there as needed, too. But, at first glance, that doesn't appear to need any major work at all. Make sure you're not being scammed. If it's too good to be true.....

# Posted: 7 Jun 2023 20:51

thanks insights are always helpful

# Posted: 7 Jun 2023 21:16

Before doing anything with it get it all in writing and ensure who you are dealing with is, in fact, the owner.

# Posted: 8 Jun 2023 05:59

Quoting: Nykolas
My one concern is that he said in his 30 years he really didn't do anything to the outside

Big over hangs and a quality stain can mean doing nothing in 30yrs is the norm.
My parents had a T1-11 sided shed that had nothing done to it becids a new roof in 30yrs.

# Posted: 9 Jun 2023 09:32

It would appear to be fine. You could probably tell more by looking under it. We also have a log cabin. Love it and enjoy it.
Stay safe n have fun

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