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# Posted: 23 Jun 2023 22:46

I have a cabin on a lake that is very busy with other cabins every 25 to 50 feet pretty much all the way around the lake. My cabin main structure is 100 years old and been added onto two times and the siding on it now is T111 and it dips down in various places.

I’d like to put vinyl siding on it but I’m trying to figure out how I can get a solid straight line all the way around it to get my starter strip going.

I thought about taking a 1 x 4 and putting that around and it would provide a ledge for the starter and overhang as well for some of the treated wood that serves as a pest blockade/skirting.

Thoughts on this? How do professionals get a solid starter strip on old structures with multiple additions. I put a level all the way around. I have a laser level and I’ve been using that to mark various spots.


# Posted: 24 Jun 2023 00:11

Quoting: Royalwapiti
the siding on it now is T111 and it dips down in various places.

How big are the dips? Does it slope?
If you have some pics, that would help.
If you are putting on skirting, maybe you could find a happy medium with the siding/skirting.
Unless it's really outta whack. I would think you could trim off the t 111 below the level starter strip, and then still have something left to attach your skirting.

# Posted: 24 Jun 2023 09:00

The skirting is only for part of it. The last addition (1981) has a treated wood foundation with crawl space. The T1-11 is level at its bottom. After I posted this I was thinking I could put some 3/4” treated plywood skirting on- permanently, the 1955 addition already has that. Then set a metal flashing on top of that then either put a vinyl starter strip or a j channel with weep holes. The plywood would act similar to the 1x4.

The j channel would allow me to trim the siding to maintain level. I have seen that done on knee walls.

# Posted: 24 Jun 2023 15:42

You can take coil stock and bend a custom starting trim. You really need a siding brake to do a good vinyl siding job.

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